The arcana pouch is an item that can be purchased in every subguild of the Mages Guild. It is used to hold arcana ingredients as a way of freeing up space in backpacks and lockers.

Arcana Pouch Use

The arcana pouch can hold one of each arcana ingredient, but those items must be inserted into the pouch in a particular order. Similarly, when taking ingredients out of the pouch, they must be retrieved in the reverse order.

In order to insert an ingredient, hold the arcana pouch in your right hand and the ingredient in your left hand, then combine them using the MIX command. To remove an ingredient, hold the arcana pouch in your right hand with an empty left hand, then use the BREAK command.

The correct order of arcana ingredients:

  1. spider web
  2. dragon teeth
  3. bat wing
  4. bleached bone
  5. eye of newt
  6. mandrake root
  7. cat's breath
  8. troll's heart
  9. ground lead
  10. sparkling iron
  11. silver flakes
  12. gold grains
  13. bronze bar

Once you have a full arcana pouch, it can be mixed with another full arcana pouch to save even more room.

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