Base Damage refers to the minimum amount of damage a player will do to a mob. The amount of base damage that a character has is a function of the character's level and class.

Mobs in Charons' Caverns, Catacombs Level 3, and The Wyvern have a high amount of armor and therefore often absorb most damage down to base damage.

Base Damage Formula

The formula in this table determine the amount of base damage a character has. This does not take into consideration any extra form of damage such as weapon enchantments or multiple attacks. It does take into consideration a balanced weapon.

Character Class Base Damage Formula
Fighter base_damage = (level - 50) * 2
Ranger base_damage = level
Berserker base_damage = (level - 50) * 3
Rogue base_damage = (level - 50)
Monk base_damage = (level - 50)
Any Mage** (Wizard/Shaman/Sorcerer) base_damage = (level - 50)
  • Note: ** Mage damage is not physical and is not subject to "base damage", however mage damage increases by one point per level after 50. We can consider this a formula for damage gain per level and a pseudo "base damage".
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