Bracken Isle is a level 80+ hunting ground within the Misty Vale Mountains that has a high swarm rate. There is a portal at the entrance that prevents anyone below level 80 from entering.

Level Range

Bracken Isle is available from level 80 onward. At level 90, the only mob to still give XP is the Wailing Sacrifice. This makes this area not recommended for 90+.


From the bottom of the Misty Vales, use the following macro to get to this area:


Wailing Sacrifice - hits hard, lots of HP
Cannibal Champion -- hits hard, lots of HP
Strangle Vine -- trash mob
Ape -- hits moderately hard, hits fast
Wild Dog -- trash mob
Cannibal Shaman
Red Mosquito - slows
White Mosquito -- slows


Gold Grains
Mage arcana

Cat's Breath
Mage Arcana

Mandrake Root
Mage Arcana

Eye of Newt
Mage Arcana

Short stick
Quest Item (Darkwell)
Lair Key (Lowly Downs/Ashwood)

Leather armguard
Wrist Armour
Poor Entangle Resistance
Armour Class Modifier Reasonable

Leather Neck Guard
Neck Armour
Poor Fire Resistance
Armour Class Modifier Reasonable

Small Sapphire

Healing Potion
Restores HP

Hidden Rooms

Although Bracken Isle initially seems to span a total of less than 10 rooms, if you search w and then nw of the entrance, you will find hidden rooms that make the isle much larger.

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