City of Moorgate

The City of Moorgate is one of the most frequently populated areas on the Isle of Cosrin. Situated on the southern edge of the island, the coastal city is one of the two starting points for new players, the other being the City of Stormport. Moorgate hosts the main Guild buildings of each of the four main Guilds of Cosrin, as well as the Moorgate outpost of the Adventurer's Guild.

Areas of Interest

Moorgate leads to/contains the following areas:

Popular Meeting Places

Players often gather in particular areas of Moorgate, some of which include the following:


There are four main Guilds located within Moorgate, as well as the Adventurer's Guild. Players are required to join the Adventurer's Guild to gain entrance to one of the main four Guilds, though it offers no unique benefits other than entrance to certain skill, spell and item shops as well as the Catacombs and the Starter Dungeon.

The four main Guilds available within Moorgate are:

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