Cosrin Wiki

The Cosrin client is able to handle a variety of color codes that can be used to customize and personalize your in-game text. Whether you’re creating a character description, setting a title, placing adverts, or just speaking/emoting to a room of people, these color codes will come in handy.

All color codes begin with a carrot ‘^’ and are followed by one of the following:

  • R for Red
  • O for Orange
  • Y for Yellow
  • G for Green
  • B for Blue
  • C for Cyan
  • V for Violet
  • P for Pink
  • F for Random
  • K for Blinking
  • N to return to default

There is a distinction between UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE letters when using these codes. The uppercase is the bright version while the lowercase is the dark version.

There are also four format codes that can be used in the same way (capitalization is important):

  • + for Big font
  • - for Small font
  • E for Bold
  • I for Italics


If you wanted to write the phrase ‘Welcome to Cosrin!’ in letters big, bold, and red, you would do:

^+^E^RWelcome to Cosrin!

If you only wanted to affect the word ‘Cosrin’:

Welcome to ^+^E^RCosrin^N!

J Codes

Lastly, there is a more advanced color code called a J Code, which uses a J immediately followed by a two-digit code. These are too numerous to list so consult the chart below for specifics (click to enlarge):