There are three types of combat in Legends of Cosrin: melee, ranged, and spells.

  • Melee combatants include the Berserker, Fighter, Monk, Thief, and Battlemages.
  • Ranged combatants include the Ranger and not much else for now.
  • Spell combatants include the Shaman, Sorcerer, Wizard, and Battlemages.

However, all of this can vary from character to character depending on which guilds you join and which skills you decide to learn.

Melee attack skills include One Handed Weapons, Two Handed Weapons, and Martial Arts. The ranged attack skill is Missile Weapons. The spell attack skill is Sorcery Spell Use.

Combat Basics

Melee Combat

When wielding a melee weapon, you must ADVANCE or AD a monster before you can ATTACK or A it. Advancing will cause you to be unbalanced, so one basic tactic is to wait until the monster advances you. That way you can immediately attack without having to wait for unbalanced time. This will not work against monsters who are ranged, such as Orcs and Kobolds.

Ranged and Spell Combat

When wielding a ranged weapon or using a spell attack, you do not need to be advanced in order to attack. With a ranged weapon, just issue the ATTACK command when you're in the same room as a monster.

For a spell attack, issue the TARGET or T command after you CAST a spell. For more information on how to cast and manage spells, read up on Spellcasting.

Target Selection

If you're fighting multiple monsters, you can specify which monster you want to attack by either indicating the monster's name after the command: ATTACK GOBLIN. The same goes for spells: TARGET GOBLIN. You can also signify a particular monster by using a number. For example, ATTACK 2 will attack the second monster. Same goes for TARGET 2.


If you are riding a mount, you can issue the CHARGE or CH command to simultaneously ADVANCE and ATTACK a monster. Doing so will strike with a much more powerful attack at the expense of a higher unbalanced time. Charge damage is influenced by the Riding skill. The manual selection of monsters works with the CHARGE command.


After learning the Called Shot skill, you can start using the AIM command in place of ATTACK. Doing so will strike with a much more powerful attack at the expense of a higher unbalanced time and a little less accuracy. Aim damage is influenced by the Called Shot skill. The manual selection of monsters works with the AIM command.


Suppose you're in over your head and you want to escape? Use the RETREAT command. It will put you unbalanced for 2 seconds but disengage you from all monsters that are advanced on you. If you indicate a direction, you can retreat and move simultaneously: RETREAT NORTH or RE N for short.

Combat Tactics

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