Cosrin Wiki

In Cosrin, there are multiple ways for players to communicate with each other. Some methods are private (one-on-one), some are local (only in the current room), and some are global (everyone in the game). Each method of communication exists for a reason so it's best that players learn the purposes for each method and use the correct ones.

Note: Check the Glossary of Terms for more information on the difference between IC and OOC communication.

Out of Character


Range: Global

Chats are an out-of-character communication channel. Typical use of chats is to ask for game help, information, or to troll players. Chats are globally visible.


Range: Private

Tells are typically an in-character communication channel directed from one player to another.


[t]Cassian Tells you: 'Congrats'
You tell Cassian 'thank you'

In Character


Range: Global

Shouts are a gloabal, in-character communication method. Everyone is able to hear general shouts. There are additional sub-categories of shouts such as guild shouts, temple shouts, and clan shouts. These shout channels are visibly exclusive to the shouter's individual guild, temple, or clan respectively.

All shouts are ambiguously identified:

  • When a character is under level 100 and sees a shout, the character sees the shouter's "voice type" only, along with the shout message. Example: "A booming male voice shouts 'Greetings!'"
  • When a character is level 100 or greater and sees a shout, the character sees the shouter's name, level, gender, and shout message. Example: "Foobar [120F] Shouts I definitely enjoy an occasional pie."

Characters meeting the following criteria will appear to be "bellowing" when they shout, for example: "Guildmaster Foobar Bellows: Excellent, we shall feast and fornicate."

  • Characters at level X or above
  • Characters with a shout title
  • Guild Masters
  • Legends
  • Heroes
  • Immortals


Range: Global

Wails are an in-character communication channel, typically available only while dead. When dead players attempt to speak through the SAY channel, they wail instead. Spell casters can wail using the Cadaver Converse spell.

Wails always have maximum visibility. Example: "Foobar [20F] wails What a terrible way to go!"


Range: Local


Range: Local


Range: Local, Private


Range: Local, Private