Cosrin: A New Dawn, formerly named Legends of Cosrin and often abbreviated Cosrin, is a fantasy multi-user dungeon created and maintained by Online Games Company. The game was released in 1999 on AOL Europe after the success of its parent MUD, Legends of Terris. [1]

As with all multi-user dungeons, Cosrin is a text-only game. However, Cosrin is different in that instead of using a popular telnet client such as zMUD or GMUD to connect to the game, connections are restricted to those using the game software provided by Online Games Company (OGC), commonly called a 'game wizard'. Work on the game wizard began in the year 2000, a year after Cosrin's release. It is similar to telnet clients in that it provides functions such as highlight strings, macros, and aliases for users to use in exploring the text-only world, however, it is also different from telnet clients in that it provides a useful and colorful interface specifically tailored for play in 'Legends of Cosrin'.


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