A Dungeon hidden within Bahr-Kul,

Good for mages between 40-55 who tire of the woods.

Less stunners than Troll caves and gives a different scene and there are 3 quests to complete.

This Dungeon is very old and the entrance has been overgrown and covered by nettles. Requires a very sharp scythe from the Moorgate Graveyard to enter. The scythe is consumed on entry.

When you are at this location:

  On a rocky trail in Barh-Kul
  A huge briar of nettles has clogged up the northern
  exit out of this location. You try to find a way through
  but only manage to get your self stung by the nasty plants.
  Obvious Exits:  NorthEast SouthWest

Hold the Very Sharp Scythe and then Use Scythe

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