Need a particular item to drop to the lower level, Need to be Level 60 to enter.

Quiet afew casters that put you to sleep and stun but exp is good and Banrog Cheiftains give nice xp per kill

To get into this area navigate Darkblade Dungeon Level 1 until you find the following room:

  At a turn in Darkblade Dungeon
  You spot some bones poking out from a collection of rubble. A huge
  cabinet stands against the back wall, it is filled with gold and
  items of wonder. As you step towards the treasure the cabinet
  VANISHES! A winch box sits on the floor.
  Obvious Exits:  South NorthWest

When at this location. Hold the Wooden Handled Lever and then Examine Box

This will take you to:

  Under an old archway in Darkblade Dungeon
  The tattered remains of a black curtain hang down from the archway.
  Something once wanted the archway to be closed off from prying
  There is a shimmering portal to the southwest
  Obvious Exits: 

To exit back up, Search until you find a way up.

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