Dates and Times

In-character game time is calculated differently from real life (out-of-character) time.

Before reading, it is important to distinguish In Character vs. Out of Character. See the Glossary of Terms for more information.

Time Conversion/Calculation

OOC Time Interval IC Time Interval Equivalent
20 days 10 months / 1 year
2 days 30 days / 1 month
1 day 15 days / half-month
96 Minutes 1 day
24 Minutes Quarter-day (Morning -> Noon, Noon -> Evening, Evening -> Night, Night -> Morning) has a date calculator available for planning when certain In Character dates will occur [1]. For the source code, see [2]

In-Character Month Names

  1. Awakenings - The start of the end to Winter
  2. Frost Fall - The last gasp of Winter
  3. First Growth - The start of Spring
  4. Weeping Skies - Rainy season
  5. Cherrin - The start of Summer
  6. Zoran's Pleasure - The middle of Summer
  7. Longing - The waiting month when you long to harvest
  8. First Harvest - Harvest time
  9. Hallow Month - A month of reflection the coming of Winter
  10. Winter Cloak - Winter over the land
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