• Leaving Dead Stormport

Magpie is offering a quest (use SHOW QUESTS) offer medallion

You place the bent medallion on the ground near the magpie, being careful to ensure it catches the light nicely. After a moment, the magpie hops over to the medallion, its curiosity getting the better of it. It struggles for a moment to pick up the medallion in its beak but cannot get a good grip. It pauses for a moment to glance at you as you watch before dropping the item in its claws in its attempt to grab the medallion. It manages to pick up the medallion and flaps off with its new found treasure. You quickly pick up the clock hand that the magpie had been hoarding.

Crazy Scientist is offering a quest (use SHOW QUESTS) offer clock

You hand over the hour hand to the crazy scientist. "Ah, wonderful Elemancer! I can now fix the clock!" The man quickly repairs the clock and stands back. "Hmm... we should have been returned to our correct times." He unpacks what looks like a large rug and examines it closely. "Ah yes, here it is..." He plucks a thread from the rug and hands it to you. "Your presence in this timeline is blocking our return. This is your thread from the great tapestry of time. You must return this to your guild and they should be able use it to put you back and allow the rest of us to return as well."

Arcanists' Guild: Spectre of Quesilbeth Trollkarl is offering a quest (use SHOW QUESTS) offer stitch

"What's this?" Quesilbeth asks as you hand her the stitch. "Ah, I see...your thread from the tapestry of time is too long as a result of your experiences here. You cannot be returned without us correcting your thread." Quesilbeth pulls out a sharp knife from her pouch and snips the end off your thread. "Now you can retu..." her voice trails off as all about you fades away and a rushing sound fills your head.

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