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ACKYou shout "ACK!" as you realize what you've done.Ava shouts "ACK!" and looks guilty.
ACK!You shout "ACK!" as you realize what just happened.Ava shouts "ACK!"
ADJUSTYou adjust your clothing.Ava adjusts her clothing.
AESpittle flies everywhere as you try to talk."Thou hast thy, thou, thee, aye, nae, nay errr, yer…", Ava stutters in confusion.
AFK2Go on, but hurry back!Ava's eyes glaze over as her spirit's attention is focused elsewhere.
AGHYou express your exasperation to the world."AGH AGH AGH!" Ava exclaims, pulling at her hair.
AHSuddenly it all becomes clear to you.Suddenly Ava points a finger in the air as an idea forms.
AHAYou blurt out "AHA!"Ava suddenly shouts "AHA!"
AHHSuddenly it all becomes clear to you.Suddenly Ava points a finger in the air as an idea forms.
ALONEYou signal to Nobody that you haven't been followed.Ava silently gestures that he hasn't been followed.
AMAZEDYou give Target a look of utter amazement.Ava stares at Target in utter shock and amazement!Ava stares at you in utter shock and amazement!
ANGELSYou mutter "Angels and ministers of light defend me!"You see Ava mutter "Angels and ministers of light defend me!"
ANGERYou go red with anger...Ava starts to go red with anger.
APPLAUDYou offer Target a round of applause.Ava applauds Target heartily.Ava offers you hearty applause.
APPLAUSEYou start to give applause to Target.You see Ava start to applaud Target.Ava starts to applaud you heartily.
ARMYou start to armwrestle with Target, your arm muscle bulging.Ava and Target armwrestle on a nearby table, their faces showing the struggle.Ava goes down on one knee and starts to armwrestle with you on a nearby table.
ARSEHOLEThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
AUTHORITYYou brandish your club and put on sunglasses.Ava says loudly "You will RESPECT MY AUTHORI-TAI!!!".
AUTHORITY2Your experience, wisdom and control are evident.Ava exudes an air of authority here."I hold authority here." Ava informs you.
AYEYou utter a quick "Aye!""Aye laddie," utters Ava.
AYE2You utter a quick "Aye!""Aye lassie," utters Ava.
AYUHIf'n dey start up der bellyachin, I will have ta git out muh axe.Ava gives a curt "Ayuh" while nodding slowly at Target.Ava nods slowly at you and grunts out a gruff "Ayuh... "
BAAYou give a sheeply "Baa.."Ava lets slip a low "Baaa".
BABBLEYou start to babble away...Ava starts to babble on and on...
BACKYou stand back, staggered by Target's revelations.You see Ava stand back, shaken by Target's revelations.Ava stands back, shaken by your revelations.
BACKSTABYour eyes narrow as you consider placing a dagger into the back of someone.You watch as Ava grips her weapon while staring at Target very intensely.The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end! For some reason Ava is staring intensely at you.
BAHYou utter a quick "Bah!"Ava gives a quick "Bah!"
BANDITSWhy don't you have some rum?"Bandits!" curses Ava darkly.
BARBARIANS"Barbarians!" you mutter to yourself."Barbarians!" mutters Ava.
BARBOSSATo heck with the code... they're more like guidelines anyway!"I am disinclined to acquiesce your request", states Ava, looking at Target with a straight face.I am disinclined to acquiesce your request, states Ava, keeping a straight face. ..means "No."
BARGAINYou give a swift "BARGAIN!"Ava says "BARGAIN!" and gives a grin.
BARKYou bark like a crazy dog.You see Ava bark like a dog, the fool.
BARMAIDOy! Barmaid! Gimme a drink!Ava calls the Barmaid over and orders a drink.
BASTARDThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
BAWLYou become inconsolable.Ava begins bawling like a baby.
BEAMYou beam broadly at Target.You see Ava beam a smile at Target.Ava beams a smile at you.
BEEPWhat do you think this is? MUD2?Ava thinks this is MUD2 (silly billy).
BEES"Do you have bees in your bonnet?" you hum.Ava buzzes something unintelligible about Target.Amidst a hive of activity, you're quite sure Ava is talking about you.
BEGDropping to your knees you plead to Target with all your heart.You see Ava drop to her knees and plead with Target.Ava drops to her knees and pleads with you.
BEHINDMaybe Target can protect you.Ava hides behind Target.Ava hides behind you, quaking with fear.
BELLYLAUGHYou give vent to a huge rumbling belly laugh.Ava gives out a huge rumbling belly laugh.
BHUGYou draw Target into a bear hug.Ava gives Target a bear hug.Ava draws you into a bear hug.
BIBBLELike a trooper you bibble away!You see Ava bibble like a pro.
BIRDYou give the bird to Target.You see Ava flip the bird to Target.Ava gives you the bird.
BLINKYou blink your eyes.Ava blinks.
BLUSHRed rushes to your cheeks as you blush brightly.Ava turns bright red and blushes.
BOBBINSYou wonder at the bobbins of the situation!Ava thinks its all bobbins!
BOGGLEYou boggle your eyes.Ava's eyes start to boggle!
BOLLOCKSThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
BONDYou offer Target your bond of friendship.Ava offers Target her bond of friendship.Ava offers you her bond of friendship.
BONDAGEWhat? With the whips chains and everything?The heavens rumble around Ava.
BOOYou shout "BOO!" at the top of your voice at Target.Ava shouts "BOO!" at Target at the top of her voice.Ava shouts "BOO!" at you.
BORNYou're always ready."Born that way," scoffs Ava.
BOTHERYou fluster about and mutter "Bother!""Bother!" mutters Ava with a fluster.
BOUNCEYou start to bounce on the spot.Ava starts to bounce on the spot.
BOWYou bow low, showing respect to Target.Ava bows towards Target.Ava bows towards you.
BOWSYou bow low.Ava gives a bow.
BOXYou can't stand it any longer and try to land one right on Target's nose.Ava dances around Target, making weird motions with her fists. How ridiculous!Ava dances around you, making weird motions with her fists.
BRBNot again!Ava mutters something about other-worldly distractions.
BREATHEYou start to breathe deeply.ou see Ava breathe deeply.
BROTHERHOOD"Brotherhood monks!" you mutter to yourself."Brotherhood monks!" mutters Ava.
BROTHERS"Brothers!" you mutter to Target.Ava mutters something almost unintellegible to Target. You only understand "... brothers...! "Ava mumbles something about "Brothers!" to you.
BRUBYou give Target a back rub.Ava begins to massage Target's back.Ava gives you a back rub, and all your tensions dissolve.
BSALUTEYou rush over to Target and deliver a skull numbing headbutt to Target as s sign of friendship.You see Ava race up to Target and deliver a skull numbing headbutt while growling barbarian like to each other.Ava races over to you and delivers a skull numbing headbutt, just like a good barbarian should.
BUGS"Bugs!" you mutter to yourself."Bugs!" mutters Ava.
BUNNIES"Bunnies!" you mutter to yourself."Bunnies!" mutters Ava.
BUNNYYou make like a big bunny.Ava makes like a big bunny and wiggles her nose.
BUNNY2Look at the bones!Ava exclaims, "Death awaits you with nasty big pointy teeth!!!" while making strange hand motions.
BURPYou belch loudly.Ava issues a hideous belch.
BYEYou say "Bye."Ava waves and says "Bye!"
CACKLEYou cackle like a cacky fingered old witch at Target.Ava cackles at Target.Ava cackles at you.
CANEJackanapes!Ava brandishes her cane at Target, shouting "Whippersnapper!"Ava canes you with malice and fury.
CANTYou give the secret sign of the Rogues Guild to Target.(nothing)Ava gives the secret sign of the Rogues Guild.
CAREYou start to repair and work on your armor.Ava starts to repair and work on her armor.
CARESSYou lovingly caress Target.You see Ava caress Target lovingly.Ava starts to caress you.
CARTWHEELYou perform a splendid cartwheel.Ava completes a wonderful cartwheel before your eyes.
CATFIGHTMeow! You'd love to scratch Target's face, don't you?Ava meows angrily at Target.Ava meows angrily at you.
CATSCats! you mutter to yourself."Cats!" mutters Ava.
CENTAURSHooved Harbringers of Glory they are! Unless you get on their wrong side. Hooved either way…"Centaurs!" sighs Ava.
CHAOSYou feel the eyes of Loki watching you with interest.Ava smiles mischievously and gives someone a secret sign.Ava smiles, showing you the sign of chaos.
CHATEMy, aren't you just FULL of rage?Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted citizen of Moorgate! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!
CHEERYou cheer heartily.Ava cheers!
CHEERSYou offer a toast, in the name of... Drink!"Cheers!" Ava bellows, raising her beverage.
CHESIREYou do the thing!Ava's eyes go wide and bloodshot, her grin from ear to ear.
CHINYou rub your chin, deep in thought.Ava rubs her chin, deep in thought.
CHIVALRYOh yeah, the ladies are gonna swoon.Ava removes her cloak, placing it on a muddened path for Target to cross.Ava removes her cloak, placing it on a muddened path for you to cross.
CHORTLEYou chortle with tears in your eyes.Ava chortles.
CHUCKLEYou let slip a merry chuckle.Ava chuckles away.
CLAPYou clap happily.Ava claps happily.
CLAPSYou clap your hands and cry "Spam!"Ava has a spam attack and claps like a seal.
CLEADERS"Clan Leaders!" you mutter to yourself."Clan Leaders!" mutters Ava.
CLICKYou blurt out, "It just clicked!""It just clicked!" says Ava, feeling like a fool.
CLUCKYou flap your arms as if they were wings, clucking like a chicken.Ava starts to act like a chicken!
COFFEEHmmm, Coffee!Ava brews a fresh cuppa joe and drinks it with a silly grin.
COLLAPSEYou can take it no longer and crash to the floorAva falls to the floor, exhausted!
COMBYou comb your hair.Ava starts to comb her hair.
COMFORTYou offer comfort to Target.Ava offers comfort to Target.Ava moves over and offers you her shoulder.
COMPLAINYou lodge an official complaint with Target.Ava lodges a complaint with Target.Ava lodges an official complaint with you.
COMPLAINSArgh! Do they ever be QUIET?"All you do is complain, complain, complain!" states Ava, exasperated.
COMPOSEYou take a big breath as you compose yourself.Ava tries to gain composure.
CONCERNYou really worry about Target.Ava glances over to Target with a caring and concerned look in her eyes.You feel Ava's eyes rest on you with a caring and concerned look.
CONFUSEDYou look to the heavens for divine inspiration.Ava looks vacantly into space.Ava says to you, "Eh?"
CONGRATSYou congratulate Target.Ava congratulates Target.Ava beams a smile at you and shouts "Congratulations!"
CONSOLEYou move to console Target.Ava consoles Target.Ava starts to console you.
CONSPIRACYThey're all trying to steal your magic bag! Get them away!"Its a conspiracy!" shouts Ava, peering around madly.
COOYou give a soft "Coo".Ava gives a soft "Coo".
COOKIEOh sure - you're SO innocent. Meanie...In a whispering and enchanting voice Ava hints "Coookiiiiie!" with a mischievous smile.
COOLYou don dark specs and make like a cool hombre.Ava whips on some dark sun glasses and looks cool.
COOL2You tell Target just how cool that was.Ava exclaims, "Now THAT is cool!" to Target.Ava exclaims to you, "Now THAT is cool!"
COUGHYou give a nervous cough.Ava gives out a nervous cough.
CRINGEYou cringe in abject fear!Ava cringes in total fear.
CROAKYou croak like a flabby toad.Ava croaks like a flabby toad.
CRYYou can suppress the sadness no longer and begin to cry.Ava starts to cry.
CUDDLEYou cuddle Target.Ava cuddles Target.Ava cuddles you.
CUNTThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
CURSESWouldn't your mama be proud of you right now!Ava curses like a drunken sailor.
CURTSEYYou offer a polite curtsey to Target.Ava curtseys to Target.Ava drops a curtsey to you.
CUTYou swing your weapon in a wide arc, cutting the air and testing the balance.Ava swings her weapon in a wide arc, cutting the air and testing the balance.
DADDYDon't you love your kids?Daddy Ava will fix it. Daddy always does. Unless Mommy will?
DANCEYou are filled with emotion as you start to dance with Target.Ava starts to dance with Target.Ava starts to dance with you.
DANCESYou are filled with emotion as you start to dance.Ava starts to dance around the room.
DANGERYou wipe your sweating palms together and wonder if you'll come out of this alive.Ava retorts, "Danger? My middle name is Danger!"
DARKMINIONSIn ghastly reverence, you pound the hilt of your blade against the earth, "Alas, there shall be no end!"In ghastly reverence, Ava pounds her blade against the earth, "Alas, there shall be no end!"
DEAL"So what's the deal?" you ask."So what's the deal?" asks Ava.
DEATHYou clutch your stomach and look at your open wound in shock!You see Ava clutch her stomach in shock as blood seeps from her wound.
DEBUGStack counter is now reset.Stack level at 03HA6 timer at 361 cycles.
DEHATEYou fling curses at that stinking deamon.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted deamon! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
DEMONSYou mutter "Demons and followers of dark defend me!"Ava mutters "Demons and followers of dark defend me!"
DEMONS2"Demons"! you mutter to yourself."Demons!" mutters Ava.
DINGYou give em the old Ding Dong line..."Ding dong!" coos Ava.
DISCOYou yell out "Disco ain't dead!" and you start to boogie.Ava yells "Disco ain't dead!" and starts to boogie.
DISTRACTYou cleverly distract Nobody using your superior intellect.Ava points and dances, "Look over there! A one legged kobold!"
DODDERYou really need to get with the time.Ava's doddering again, confused by the young'ns.
DOGS"Dogs!" you mutter to yourself."Dogs!" mutters Ava.
DOHDOH! you cry like a lemon!DOH! mubbles Ava like a lemon!
DOODLEYou doodle in the dirt.Ava starts to doodle in the dirt.
DRAGONS"Dragons!" you mutter to yourself."Dragons!" mutters Ava.
DRATYou give out a dreaded "Drat!""Drat!" mutters Ava darkly.
DRHATEYou fling curses at that stinking dragon.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted Dragon! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
DRIBBLEYou dribble uncontrollably.Ava starts to dribble.
DROLLYou duck and roll away from impending DOOM!You watch Ava duck and roll away from Target, how odd.You watch Ava duck and roll away from you, how odd.
DROOLYou give off some drool fuel.Ava gives off some more drool fuel.
DROWSheesh, everyone's a dark elf… You're scared now, no look, you're quaking.Ava smirks and proclaims "OOOOH SPOOKY DROW!"
DRUNKS"Drunkards!" you mutter to yourself."Drunkards!" mutters Ava.
DUCKYou duck!Ava ducks!
DUSTYou throw up some dust and disappear!Ava disappears in a sparkle of dust!
DWARVES"Dwarves!" you mutter to yourself."Dwarves!" mutters Ava.
DYINGYou tell Target that death is imminent.Ava mutters something unintelligible about death and dying."We all die.. eventually." Ava predicts.
DYING2You tell Target that death is not the end.Ava proclaims something about the end to Target.The end is not really the end, my friend! Ava proclaims.
EARPLUGSWhat a racket!While stuffing in earplugs, Ava smiles and nods, mutter about worse then trumscheits and cymbals.Ava applauds you on your musical abilities.
EGOServes them right!Ava pricks Target's ego. You see it deflate with a whoosh.Ava makes some pointed remarks and cuts you down to size.
EGRINYou give an evil grin.Ava gives an evil grin.
ELDERSDid they insist on the "old" ways again, when all was "better"? Wait till you are old yourself!Trying hard to sound respectful Ava mutters "Elders!" under her breath, head bowed slightly.
ELVES"Elves!" you mutter to yourself."Elves!" mutters Ava.
EMBRACEYou wrap your arms around Target and hold them close in a warm embrace.Ava wraps her arms around Target and holds them close in a warm embrace.Ava wraps her arms around you and holds you close in a warm embrace.
ENVYYou go green with envy.Ava looks at Target and turns green with envy.Ava looks at you enviously.
ERKYou go wide eyed and look for the fish.Ava panics and looks for some fish.
ERMYou point out to Target that you don't understand.Ava frowns slightly at Target, looking a little confused.Ava frowns slightly at you, looking a bit confused.
EVADEYour eyes dart about, methodically looking for an escape route."We need to get away from here!" exclaims Ava.
EVERYONEEveryone and everything's on your nerves lately. What do you do about it? Mutter about it all!Ava mutters about everyone and everything. Maybe you shouldn't bother them today?
EYEYou give Target the eye.Ava starts to give Target the eye.Ava gives you the eye.
FAINTYour hand flies to your forehead as you faint.Ava holds her hand to her forehead and faints.
FAMILYYou complain about the ties of families.Ava begins to complain about his family.
FANYou fan Target to cool them down.Ava starts to fan Target in an attempt to cool them down.Ava starts to fan you.
FANDANGOYou give them the old Wombat emote.Wombats fall from the sky and reality disappears.
FARTYou let slip a huge PPHHHHAAAAARRRRPPPPPP!Ava bends over and lets slip a huge PHHHHARRRRRRRPPP!
FEEDYou throw a scrap of meat over to Target!Ava throws a scrap of meat across to Target!Ava throws you a scrap of meat!
FHATEYou fling curses at that foul beast.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you foul beast! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
FIDGETYou begin to fidget on the spot.Ava starts to fidget.
FIELDGOALGood one!Ava puts her hands up and shouts "Field Goal!"
FIGHTERSFighters! you mutter to yourself."Fighters!" mutters Ava.
FIGHTERSGUILDYou let 'em know what Guild is the best.Ava bellows "Fighters Guild!!!" in your ear.
FISHINYou throw your hands in the air, grab the ole fishin' rod and head for the nearest riverbank."All right. That's it ... I'm goin' fishin'!" exclaims Ava to the world at large.
FISTYou clench your fists and force yourself to meditate on the problem.Ava clenches her fist and contemplates on her next actions.
FKISSYou get down and kiss Target's feet.You don't know what Ava did, but Ava is kissing Target's feet.On hands and knees Ava kisses your feet.
FLAGWAVEYou unroll a flag and wave it for Target.With swinging arms Ava waves a Go Target Go flag for all to see.Ava waves a Go! Target Go! flag for you.
FLAPYou try to flap your way out of this.With the mistaken thought of being able to fly, Ava starts to run about flapping her arms.
FLEXWooooo, how BUFF you are .Ava starts to flex her impressively BUFF muscles!
FLEX2You flex your muscles for all to seeAva flexes her muscles causing her armor to creak in protest.
FLIPYou do a great flip!Ava performs a fab flip!
FLOGYou pick up a short stick and try to beat the snot out of Target!Ava picks up a large stick and swings it over Target's head!Ava picks up a large stick and swings it over Target's head!
FLOPYou flop to the floor unable to take much more.Ava flops to the floor unable to take much more.
FLUTTERYou flutter your eyelashes and try to look innocent.Ava flutters her eyelashes at Target.Ava flutters her eyelashes at you.
FOLYou gesture for Target to follow you.Ava gestures for Target to follow.Ava gestures for you to follow.
FOOLTarget's taken us all for fools! you blurt."Target's taken us all for fools!" blurts Ava."Target's taken us all for fools!" blurts Ava.
FOOLS"Fools!" you mutter to yourself."Fools!" mutters Ava.
FORANYANAYou take a calming breath and offer your prayers to Anyana.Ava appears more relaxed after a patient moment. of prayer to her Lady Anyana
FORCEThe force is with you!You see the force is with Ava.
FORGIVEYou forgive Target.Ava forgives Target.Ava forgives you.
FORICAYou shout out "ICA Forever!"Ava shouts out "ICA Forever!"
FORICA2You shout out Lord Ica's name.Ava screams out a bloody warcry in the name of Lord Ica.
FORINDUSYou kneel and pray to Lord Indus for strength in the coming battles.Ava kneels and prays to their Lord Indus for strength in the coming battles.
FORKALIOh thank Kali, her grace is the best thing ever!Ava bows her head and murmurs "Thank you Kali!"
FORLOKIThe thoughts of Loki cause more chaotic thoughts to rush in.Ava's eyes grow darker thinking of Loki
FORLOKI2You spit out a curse upon AvaAva points a finger at Target, wishing upon her a visit from Loki!
FORSENRANIAYou kneel and pray to Senrania for her guidance and protection.A blinding white glow surrounds Ava as Senrania offers her guidance.
FORVALTERAYou chant to Valtera.Ava kneels while waving her hands in arcane prayer to Valtera.
FREDYou chuckle at the joke Target just made. What a wit!Ava claps Target on the shoulder, chuckling at the't you witty! Well, Ava seems to think so and claps you on the shoulder.
FREDOYou grab Target by the lapels and scream "I know it was you!"You see Ava grab Target by the lapels and scream "I know it was you!"Ava grabs you by the lapels and says "I know it was you Target!"
FROWNYour brow knots into a frown.Ava frowns.
FRUBYou uncover Target's feet and begin to massage them.Ava is giving Target a foot rub.Ava sits you down and begins to massage your feet.
FUCKThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
FUMEYou fume and stamp the ground.Ava stamps the ground and fumes.
FURYWhat did they say?Ava rises from her seat in a fury, growling under her breath.
GAGSYou GAG at what you see before you.You watch Ava gag as if they can't take it anymore.
GARGLEYou gargle like a hideous beast.Ava gargles like an animal.
GASPYou give a horrified "Gasp!"Ava lets forth a horrified "Gasp!"
GAUNTLETYou smack Target with your gauntlet and challenge Target to a duel.Ava smacks Target with a gauntlet and challenges Target to a duel.Ava hits you with a gauntlet and challenges you to a duel.
GAZEYou gaze deeply into Target's eyes with a slight smile on your lips.Ava gazes deeply into Target's eyes.Ava gazes deeply into your eyes, a slight smile playing on her lips.
GGREETYou give a group greet to everyone.Ava greets everyone in the room!
GGRIEFYou just cannot BELIEVE some people...Ava holds her head in her hands and mutters "Good grief!"
GHATEYou fling curses at that stinking giant.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted giant! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
GHUGYou give a group hug to everyone.Ava gives a group hug to everyone present.
GIANTS"Giants!" you mutter to yourself."Giants!" mutters Ava.
GIBBERYou quake and gibber like a madman.Ava gibbers like a madman.
GIGGLEYou give a little giggle.Ava gives a little giggle.
GLAREYou glare with evil intent at Target.Ava glares at Target.Ava glares at you.
GLEADERS"Guild Leaders!" you mutter to yourself."Guild Leaders!" mutters Ava.
GNATSOh boy, did that throw em…BECAUSE OF PIGS! Who live in trees!!!!!!!!!!!!
GNOMESGnomes! you mutter to yourself.Gnomes! mutters Ava.
GOBBLEYou're a turkey! You're a turkey!Ava gobbles like a turkey.
GODIEYou fear not death!"Time to die!" says Ava, heading to the hunting grounds.
GOGGLEYou start to goggle at everything.Ava can't help it and starts to goggle at everything.
GOODYou say "Good!"Ava says "Good!"
GOODBYEYou wave goodbye to Target and smile.Ava waves goodbye to Target.Ava waves goodbye to you.
GOODNIGHTYou issue a polite goodnight.Ava says "Goodnight"
GOOSEYou offer Target some herbs to go with her goose. HONK!Ava offers Target a packet and some tips on roasting.Ava offers you a packet of sage and onion stuffing.
GOSHYou let slip a huge "GOSH!"Ava lets slip a "GOSH!"
GOSSIPYou loudly reveal to society about Target's lack of friends."Target HAS NO FRIENDS!" Ava loudly reveals to you.Ava screams about your anti-social disorder.
GREETYou greet Target heartily.Ava greets Target heartily.Ava greets you.
GREETSYou greet everyone heartily.Ava greets everyone present.
GRIMACEYour face turns into a grimace.Ava grimaces.
GRINYou grin at Target.Ava grins at Target.Ava grins at you.
GRINSYou give a quick grin.Ava gives a quick grin.
GRIPEYou gripe about the whole thing.Ava starts to gripe about the whole thing.
GROANYou groan like a lost spirit.Ava gives out a terrible groan.
GROOMYou get a bucket of water and a brush and lovingly groom your steed.Ava gets a bucket of water and a brush and lovingly grooms her steed.
GROVELYou grovel on the floor like a worm before Target.Ava grovels like a worm to Target.Ava grovels like a worm before you.
GROWLYou growl like a wounded bear.Ava growls like a wounded bear.
GRUMBLEYou can't help but grumble at the situation.Grinding her teeth Ava grumbles audibly.
GRUNTYou grunt like a pig.Ava grunts like a pig.
GRUNTSYou grunt like a good half ogre should.Ava grunts, like a good half ogre should.
GSIGNBYEYou sign "Bye!" to everyone present.Ava signs "Bye!" to everyone present.
GSIGNHIYou sign "Hi!" to everyone present.Ava signs "Hi!" to everyone present.
GSIGNTHANKYou sign "Thank you!" to everyone present.Ava signs "Thank you!" to everyone present.
GUARDSSometimes you just get the urge to flog those lazy Guards.Ava eyes the Town Guard and mumbles something that sounded like "... worthless little ... " something or other at him.
GUFFAWYou scoff at Target.Ava scoffs at Target.Ava scoffs at you.
GULPYou swallow hard and look away from Target.Ava looks away from Target and swallows hard.Ava looks away from you and swallows hard.
GURGLEYou gurgle your own juices.Ava gurgles her own juices.
GWAVEYou give a group wave to everyone.Ava waves at everyone in the room!
GWELLMETYou give them all a hearty "Hail and well met!"Ava gives everyone here a hearty "Hail and well met!"
HAYou laugh out loud."Ha ha ha!" laughs Ava.
HAGGISYou hold your nose and think "Mmmmmmmm! Tasty!"Ava starts to boil up some haggis.
HAHAYou laugh out aloud.Ava gives out a large laugh.
HALFBREEDSStupid cross-breeding..."Pah! Halfbreeds" mumbles Ava.
HALFMENHalfmen! you mutter to yourself."Halfmen!" mutters Ava.
HANDImperiously, you demand "Cast thy voice upon my palm!""Cast thy voice upon my palm" Ava demands of Target.You are being instructed to cast thy voice upon Ava's palm.
HANDSTANDYou try for an impressive handstand against the wall, but fail this time!Ava tries for an impressive handstand against the wall, but fails!
HANDSTAND2You try for an impressive handstand against the wall, it works!Ava tries for an impressive handstand against the wall, and succeeds!
HATEYou look at Target, lock your eyes and bristle with hate!Ava fixes her eyes on Target, with a look of utter hatred.Ava fixes her eyes on you with a look of utter hatred.
HEYou point at Target and cry "He did it!"Ava points at Target and cries "He did it!"Ava points at you and cries "He did it!"
HEADINHANDSOh, for Criminey's sake...Ava puts her head in her hands.
HEALBreathing heavily, you call asking for someone to heal you.Ava breathlessly asks to be healed.
HEAVEYou heave your stomach contents onto the floor.Ava heaves her stomach contents onto the floor.
HEHEYou laugh out aloud.Ava gives out a large laugh.
HELLOIf you want to talk in Cosrin you should type SAY followed by what you want to say. Try SAY hello!You see Ava try to talk, perhaps you can help?
HELLO2You say "Hello" to Target.Ava says "Hello" to Target.Ava says "Hello" to you.
HEROES"Heroes!" you mutter to yourself. You love them all really."Heroes!" mutters Ava.
HITo talk use SAY followed by your comments. Try SAY Hi!You see Ava try to say hello, perhaps you can help with the SAY command please?
HI2'Hi!' you cry.Ava says "Hi!"
HICCUPMaybe it's time to put the bottle away after all.Ava begins to hiccup uncontrollably.
HISSYou hiss like a snake at Target.Ava hisses at Target.Ava hisses at you.
HKISSWell, someone really wants Brownie points ;)Ava, like a true Gentleman, bows and kisses Target's hand.Ava, like a true Gentleman, bows and kisses your hand.
HMMYou give a thoughtful "Hmm..."Ava gives a thoughtful "Hmm..."
HONEYBUNNYTarantino is cool... nuff said."Nobody move, this is a robbery.." states Ava.
HOORAYYou shout "Three cheers for Target!"Ava shouts "Three cheers for Target!"Ava shouts out for three cheers for you!
HOOTYou give a quiet "Hoot.."Ava hoots like an owl.
HOPYou hop about madly.Ava hops about.
HOPEA silent look of hope spreads across your face.Ava looks to the heavens with silent hope.
HOWHow? you ask Target.Ava asks Target "How?"Ava asks you "How?"
HOWLYou howl like a wolf.Ava howls like a wolf.
HSHAKEExtending your hand to Target, you offer a cordial handshake.Ava cordially extends her hand for Target to shake.Ava cordially extends her hand for you to shake.
HSHAKE2You shake Target's hand firmly.Ava shakes Target's hand firmly.Ava shakes your hand firmly.
HUFFYou give a fed up "HUFF!"Ava gives out a fed up "HUFF!"
HUGYou give a hug to Target.Ava gives a hug to Target.Ava gives you a hug.
HUHYou give out a confused "HUH?"Ava gives out a confused "HUH?"
HUH2What in the world is Target talking about?Ava stares at Target in bafflement and says, "You've lost me."Ava gives you a baffled look and says, "You've lost me."
HUMYou start to hum a merry tune.Ava starts to hum a merry tune.
HUMANS"Humans!" you mutter to yourself."Humans!" mutters Ava.
HUNTThe monsters cry out to you personally "Kill me! Kill me!""The hunt calls, and I will obey", Ava exlaims.
HURYou give a low "Hur hur hur hur hur."Ava gives a low "Hur hur hur hur hur."
HURTYou give a hurt look.Ava looks hurt.
ICANODYou nod slightly at Target.Ava nods slightly at Target.Ava inclines her head and nods slightly to acknowledge your presence.
IGNOREYou blatantly ignore Target.Ava starts to ignore Target.Ava starts to ignore you.
IMMORTALS"Immortals!" you mutter to yourself. You feel compelled to: Love them really!""Immortals!" mutters Ava.
IMPISHYou give an impish little grin.Ava grins impishly.
IZZYYou remind yourself that they are ALL idiots. Play nicely.Smiling, Ava listens carefully to Target.Ava smiles gently and listens patiently as you have your say.
JAMYou start to jam with Target.Ava starts to jam with Target.Ava starts to jam with you.
JAWOh... my... Kali!Ava's eyes grow wide as her chin promptly hits the floor.
JAWSYou hear Quint telling Hooper to make room.."Hooper... make room!" cries a fisherman offshore.
JOGYou start to jog on the spot.Ava starts to jog on the spot.
JUMPYou jump into the air... What fun!Ava jumps into the air!
KIAIYou leap forward with an ear splitting KI-AI!!!Suddenly Ava leaps forward and issues an ear splitting KA-AI!!!
KICKYou try to kick Target, and laugh maniacally. That'll teach 'em!Ava laughs and tries to give Target a hard kick but stumbles over her own feet! What a hillarious sight!Ava laughs and tries to give you a hard kick but misses badly and almost falls over her own feet!
KIDSHey, you were young once too, just educate them, over and over.Looking to the heavens with little hope Ava sighs heavily and says "Kids these days!"
KISSYou kiss Target.Ava kisses Target.Ava kisses you.
KNEELYou kneel before Target.Ava kneels before Target.Ava kneels before you.
KNIGHTS"Knights!" you mutter to yourself."Knights!" mutters Ava.
LAGHah, you think your LAG is bad, you should ask Kali!Ava starts to mutter about the dreaded LAG.
LARDL - A - R - D! (with bits in)"We didn't go nowhere!" says Ava.
LAUGHYou laugh happily.Ava laughs happily.
LAWFor the King, the Laws and the People.Ava invokes the dominion of Law and Order."It is the Law." Ava declares.
LEAPYou leap into the air.Ava leaps into the air.
LEERYou leer at Target like a professional.Ava leers at Target.Ava leers at you...!
LHATEYou fling curses at that stinking lag.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted Lag! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
LEONYou buff your potted plant.Ava buffs her potted rubber plant.
LICKYou give a loving lick to Target.With lightning speed, Ava gives a sloppy lick to Target.Ava gives you a loving lick.
LIGHTMINIONSYou remind all transgressors of the penalties for their misdeeds.Unsheathing her blade, Ava reminds the assembled group of the impending judgment that awaits them for their transgressions.
LIGHTWEIGHTSJust can't handle their liquor can they?"Lightweight!" sniggers Ava
LISTENYou listen to Target.Ava leans over to Target to listen.Ava leans towards you to listen.
LIZARDS"Lizardmen!" you mutter to yourself."Lizardmen!" mutters Ava.
LOCKER2You pull and strain trying to use your crowbar to somehow widen your locker.A bigger locker ... My kingdom for a bigger locker!" cries Ava in desperation.
LSTOPYou impose your god given authority."STOP, in the name of the Law!" yells Ava at Target fiercely."STOP, in the name of the Law!" yells Ava at you fiercely.
LUCKYYou grab Target by the lapels and ask, "Do you feel lucky, punk?"Ava grabs Target by the lapels and asks, "Do you feel lucky, punk?"Ava grabs you by your top and asks, "Do you feel lucky, punk?"
MACROS2Hit the wrong key again? Sheesh, remove them gloves and cut them nails is all I say."Ma cros!" utters Ava, "'tis all their fault!" You ponder what the heck Ava is talking about.
MADSCIENTISTBwahahahahahaha!"Fools! I'll destroy you ALL!" shouts Ava, a wild gleam in her eye.
MAGES"Mages!" you mutter to yourself."Mages!" mutters Ava.
MAGESGUILDYou let 'em know what Guild is the best.Ava bellows "Mages Guild!!!" in your ear.
MARTIAL1You try to break the board… YEEEOOOOWWWW! You should practice more..Ava tries to break the board… Ow, that looked painful. Maybe next time.
MARTIAL2You try to break the board. You're a natural at this martial art stuff!Ava tries to break the board. Wow, what a talent! He must practice.
MASSAGEYou give Target a full body massage.Ava gives Target a full body massage.Ava gives you a full body massage.
MEATMEAT MY DEMANDS!"MEAT MY DEMANDS!" shouts Ava angrily, pounding Target's shoulders.Ava shouts incoherent nonsense at you.
MEDITATEYou meditate until you have equilibrium.You see Ava start to meditate.
MEETWIZYou make the wizard guild rune appear before your eyes.Ava raises her hand, weaving it in a strange pattern as a wizards guild rune appears before you.
MEGAYou tell them that it's MEGA!"It's MEGA!" states Ava.
MEMORIESYou sigh softly, smiling nostalgically as you think of the memories.Ava lets out a soft sigh, a sad smile upon her face.
MEN"Men!" you mutter to yourself."Men!" mutters Ava.
MENTORS"Mentors!" you mutter to yourself."Mentors!" mutters Ava.
MEOWExpecting someone to feed you tunafish?Your hear Ava meow like a mangy cat!
MEWLYou mewl when you see you have no friends.Ava has a quick mewl.
MITTENSYou point out you have mittens for typing at the moment.Ava is wearing her mittens for typing today!
MOANYou moan like a love-lost ghost.Ava moans like a love-lost ghost.
MOMMYDon't you love your kids?Mommy Ava will fix it. Mommy always does. Unless Daddy will?
MONKS"Monks!" you mutter to yourself."Monks!" mutters Ava.
MOOYou moo like a full-grown heifer.Ava moos like a heifer.
MORTALS"Mortals!" you mutter to yourself."Mortals!" mutters Ava.
MRPINKYou give em the professional emote... Pinkie!Ava steps forward and says "Am I the only professional here?"
MUHAHAYou bellow forth a mighty "MUHAHAHAHAHA!"Ava throws back her head and gives out a mighty "MUHAHAHAHAHA!"
MUMBLEYou mutter about goats to Target.Ava starts to mumble to Target.Ava mumbles something about goats to you.
MURIOh, the spider is really going to get you now!Ava offers a silent wish to the spider-lady.Ava calls the wrath of the spider on your head!
MUTLEYYou give out a mutley "Rashingfrashinggrashing!" Heheheheheh...Ava mumbles "Rashingfrashinggrashing!" and stamps the ground.
MUTTERYou start to mutter to Target.Ava starts to mutter to Target.
MYTIMEYou mutter about needing some quiet time."I need some quiet time." mumbles Ava.
NAGYou nag at Target.Ava nags at Target.Ava nags at you.
NAILYou moan about how you just broke a nail!"Oh drat and bother I broke a nail!" mutters Ava.
NAILSYou nibble on your nails out of habit.Ava starts to bite at her nails with worry.
NARROWYou narrow your eyes as you look at Target.Ava narrows her eyes at Target.Ava narrows her eyes at you.
NEVERYou step towards Target and cry "NEVER!"Ava steps towards Target and cries "NEVER!"Ava steps towards you and cries "NEVER!"
NIBBLEYou nibble away at Target.Ava nibbles Target's lobes.Ava nibbles at your earlobes. That tickles!
NIGHTMAREYou shake your head and pray this nightmare will end soon.Ava screams out, "Please let me wake up from this nightmare!"
NOYou respond with a simple, "No."Ava says "No." in answer to the question.
NO2Sheesh! How often do you have to tell Target that you mean NO when you say NO!Ava crosses her arms, turns to Target and asks "Which part of NO didn't you understand exactly?"Ava turns to you with crossed arms and asks WHICH part of NO you didn't understand…
NODYou nod your head at Target.Ava nods at Target.Ava nods towards you.
NODDLESYou give out a quick "Noddles!""Noddles!" utters Ava.
NODSYou give a quick nod.Ava nods.
NOLICKEuwww! you exclaim and issue a warning.Another lick from Target is a request for a thwap!Consider yourself warned!
NOMINATEPersonally, I wouldn't place gold on that bet.With noble candor, Ava steps forward and nominates Target to lead this valiant expedition!Stepping forward, Ava nominates you to lead the party to victory!
NOSEYou tap your nose towards Target.Ava taps her nose towards Target.Ava taps her nose at you.
NOSEBAGYou let slip a quick "Goatboy!" to calm yourself.Ava shuffles her feet and mutters "Goatboy."
NOSESYou rub noses with Target.Ava rubs noses with Target.Ava rubs noses with you!
NOSPExhaustion overcomes you, your mind unable to cast another spell.Ava looks exhausted! A draught would be very useful right now.
NRUBYou rub Target's neck dissolving tension.Ava massages Target's neck. Did Target just purr?Ava rubs your neck. Your tensions melt away, for now.
NUDGEYou nudge Target suggestively.Ava nudges Target suggestively.Ava nudges you suggestively.
NUTSYou mutter "Nuts to that idea!" and start to mumble.Ava mutters "Nuts!" and begins to mumble.
NUZZLEYou nuzzle up to Target.Ava nuzzles up to Target.Ava nuzzles up to you.
NYERGYou look grubby and wheeze a "Nyerg!" at Target.Ava looks grubby and wheezes a "Nyerg!" at Target.Ava looks grubby and wheezes a "Nyerg!" at you.
OASISYou give 'em the 'MAD FOR IT' line..."MAD FOR IT!" gibbers Ava.
OCHYou give em a quick Scots ticking off."Och laddie ye dinae ken what its aboot!" mutters Ava.
OGLEYou ogle Target.Ava ogles Target.Ava ogles you.
OGLESYou ogle everyone!Ava ogles everyone!
OGRES"Ogres!" you mutter to yourself."Ogres!" mutters Ava.
OHYou give out a depressed "Oh.."Ava gives out a depressed "Oh... "
OHATEYou fling curses at that stinking ogreAva screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted ogre! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
OHMYou cross your legs and issue a mind calming "Ohm..."Ava crosses her legs and issues a mind calming "Ohm..."
OHYEAHYou scoff and give a "Oh yeah , as if..." to the fools."Oh yeah, as if.." scoffs Ava.
OIYou scream "Oi!" at Target.Ava screams "Oi!" at Target.Ava screams "Oi!" at you.
OKYou shout "OK!"Ava shouts "OK!"
OLDYou mutter about your elders to Target.Did Ava just call Target an old git?Did Ava just call you an old git?
OOERYou give an "Ooer.." to Target.You see Ava give a suggestive "Ooer.." to Target.Ava gives an "Ooer... " towards Target.
OOHYou give a fat and happy "Oooooh..""Ooooh!" utters Ava knowingly.
OOPHYou do a Nige.Ava sucks in her stomach and leers seedily at Target.Ava sucks in her stomach and leers seedily at you.
OOPS"Oops" you blurt as you look for a hole to hide in."Oops" says Ava, and tries to find a hole to hide in.
ORCS"Orcs!" you mutter to yourself."Orcs!" mutters Ava.
OUCHYou blurt out "Ouch!""Ouch!" blurts Ava.
OUTSIDEAaaaarghhh! The light! It burns!Ava steps into the light, and shields her eyes. Ava must not get out often.
PACEYou pace backwards and forwards.Ava paces back and forth.
PAHYou give a quick scoff (that will teach em).Ava scoffs out aloud.
PANYou wield your mithril frying pan and put it to good use.You see Ava bounce her mithril frying pan off Target's head.You see stars.
PANTYou drop to your knees panting.Ava drops to the floor and starts to pant.
PANTSFrustrated are we?"PANTS!" cries Ava in frustration.
PANTS2Uh oh, maybe nobody will notice.Ava seems to be walking funny, with slow deliberate steps.
PAPERYou flatten your hand like paper.Ava stretches her hand out flat like paper.
PATYou pat Target on the back.Ava pats Target on the back.
PATIENCEYou will not kill people for annoying you. You will not kill people for annoying you. You will not kill people for annoying you.Ava takes a deep breath and prays for patience.
PEACEYou bless Target in the name of Kali, asking Her to guide and protect Target.You see Ava wish Target a safe journey and swift return.Ava chants softly and wishes you peace on all travels.
PEERYou peer at Target, looking for a vital clue.You see Ava peer at Target.Ava peers at you, looking for a vital clue.
PEERSYou peer at everything.You see Ava start to peer about.
PENYou pen a quick note.Ava pens a note.
PFFTYou roll your eyes and give a "Pfft.." in frustration.Ava rolls her eyes and gives a frustrated "Pfft.."Ava rolls her eyes and gives a frustrated "Pfft.."
PHEWYou wipe your brow and give a quick "Phew...!"Ava wipes her brow and gives a quick "Phew...!"
PHONEDarn constant ringing!Ava holds her head to stop the ringing in her ears. Ava is losing her mind!
PIANOYou tell them about the dangers of pianos.Ava backs away, claiming this to be a piano falling zone. Eh?Ava tells you to watch out!
PIPEYou take out your pipe.Ava takes out her pipe.
PIPE2You light up your pipe.Ava lights up her pipe.
PIPE3You let smoke trail out of your pipe.You see smoke trail out of Ava's pipe.
PIPE4You blow a smoke ring into the air.Ava blows a smoke ring into the air.
PIPE5You clean your pipe and put it away. It's still warm.Ava cleans her pipe and puts it away.
PLANYou have a master plan in mind...Ava has a master plan.
PLEBES"Plebeians!" you mutter to yourself."Plebeians!" mutters Ava.
POCKETSYou let everyone know about the impending doom of Target."Better put jam in your pockets Target," cries Ava, "because you're toast!"Ava advises you to put jam in your pockets because you're toast.
POINTYou point a finger at Target.Ava points a finger at Target.Ava points a finger at you.
POKEYou try to poke Target with your finger.Ava raises one finger… Let's just hope Ava won't pick her nose now. Eeeew!Ava raises a finger and waggles it in front of your face.
PONDERYou ponder on the problem for a moment.Ava ponders on the problem for a moment.
POOYou mutter "Poo!" and flip your hair about.Ava mutters "Poo!" and flips her hair at you.
POOHYou hold your nose and point at Target!Ava says "POOH!" and points at Target!Ava holds her nose and points at you!
POSEWhy, they should paint of portrait of you!Ava strikes a regal pose for all to see.
POUTYou pout like a pro towards Target.Ava pouts at Target.Ava pouts in your direction.
POUTYAwww, how can they resist that?Ava gives Target a pouty look.Ava blinks and gives you her poutiest, puffy lipped face.
PRAISEYou praise Target.Ava praises Target.
PRAYYour prayers have been heard...(nothing)
PRAY2You start to pray to Target.Ava drops to her knees and prays to Target.Ava throws herself to the floor and starts to pray to you.
PREPAREYou start to get prepared for action.Ava starts to get prepared for action.
PRIVATEERSGUILDYou let 'em know what Guild is the best.Ava bellows "Privateers Guild!!!" in your ear.
PRODYou prod at Target, watch out for those teeth!Ava prods at Target with a finger.Ava prods at you with a finger.
PRUNEYou start to prune the plant life.Ava starts to prune the nearby flowers, bushes and plant life.
PUFFYou puff up your cheeks.Ava's cheeks start to grow very big..!!
PURRYou give a sexy purr.Ava starts to purr softly and stretch out.
QUITTINGYou let them know you have to goAva pulls out a pocket watch and exclaims, "It's quittin' time!"
QUACKYou issue a soft "Quack!"Ava gives a quick flap of her arms and issues a soft "Quack!"
QUAKEYou quake in your shoes, sure that death is near.Ava quakes with fear.
RAINBOWYou give em the RAINBOW emote... cool.Everyone can see a whole new Rainbow!!
RAINBOWS"Rainbows!" you mutter to yourself."Rainbows!" mutters Ava.
RAISEYou raise an eyebrow at Target.Ava raises an eyebrow at Target.Ava raises an eyebrow in your direction.
RAISESYou raise a fist in the air and cry out in the name of Target!Ava raises her fist in the air and cries out in the name of Target!Ava raises her fist in the air and cries out in your name!
RANGERS"Rangers!" you mutter to yourself."Rangers!" mutters Ava.
RASPBERRYYou blow a big raspberry at Target.Ava blows a raspberry at Target.Ava blows you a raspberry.
RATS"Rats!" you mutter to yourself."Rats!" mutters Ava.
READYYou ask Target, "Are you ready?"Ava asks Target, "Are you ready?"Ava asks you, "Are you ready?"
READY2You're always ready.Ava laughs heartily and scoffs, "Ready? I'm always ready!"
REALLYSurely you jest?Ava raises her brow and says, "Oh really?"Ava raises her eyebrow at Target and says, "Oh really?"
REPRESSNow they see the violence inherent in the system!Ava screams out "Help Help! I'm being repressed" and continues to babble on about the system.
RESPECTYou remind Target to show some respect."Target, show some respect!" booms Ava.You are reminded to show some respect by Ava.
REVELSYou revel in all this blood, guts and glory!Ava revels in all the blood, guts and glory!
REVENGEYou swear by your maker you will make them pay.Ava peers at Target and says in a calm voice, "Hello, my name is Ava, you killed my father, prepare to die!"Ava peers at you and says in a calm voice, "Hello, my name is Ava, you killed my father, prepare to die!"
REVELSYou revel in all this blood, guts and glory!Ava revels in all the blood, guts and glory!
RICEYou throw rice at the happy couple.Ava throws rice at the happy couple.
RISKYYou find yourself mumbling "Ooohhh... sounds a bit risky..""Ooohhhh..sounds a bit risky…" mumbles Ava.
ROARYou hold your sides as you roar with laughter.You watch Ava hold her sides, roaring with laughter.
ROCKETS"Rockets!" you mutter to yourself."Rockets!" mutters Ava.
ROFLYou roll about on the floor laughing!Ava rolls about on the floor laughing!
ROGUES"Rogues!" you mutter to yourself."Rogues!" mutters Ava.
ROGUESGUILDYou let 'em know what Guild is the best.Ava bellows "Rogues Guild!!!" in your ear.
ROLLEYESOh, for the love of Kali...Ava roll her eyes at Target, disgusted.Ava rolls her eyes at you, clearly disgusted.
RUBBISHYou point out Target is talking utter rubbish!Ava points out that Target is talking utter rubbish!Ava tells you that you're talking rubbish!
RUDEWhy can't people say please just once?Ava wishes that just one person would say please.
RUDE2Why can't people say "please" just once?Ava gives a deep sigh and shakes her head at Target. Does he really expect Target to say "please"?Ava shakes her head at you and you feel the word "please" come up in your mind… how strange!
RUNAROUNDYou run around like a demented tin of spam.Ava starts to run around like a spam tin!
SALUTEYou snap to attention and salute Target.Ava salutes Target.
SCANYou scan the room, looking for signs of danger.Ava seems very alert, as if expecting trouble.
SCISSORSYou extend two fingers like scissor blades.Ava extends two fingers, reminiscent of scissors.
SCOWLYou scowl and look depressed.Ava scowls and looks depressed.
SCRATCHYou scratch your head.Ava scratches her head.
SCREAMYou scream at the top of your voice!Ava screams at the top of her voice!
SCUTTLEYou start to scuttle about.Ava starts to scuttle about.
SECRETYou'd hate to have to kill them. You choose not to talk.Ava tells Target, "I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you."Ava places a firm hand on your shoulder and says, "I could tell you... but then I'd have to kill you."
SEXYou tell people about plants to calm down.Ava says "I have the personality of a potted plant".
SHAKEYou shake with the energy you have within you.Ava shakes with energy.
SHAKEHEADYou shake your head indicating "No."Ava shakes her head indicating "No."
SHAKESYou shake Target's hand with all your might.You see Ava shake hands with Target as if eager to see them.Ava shakes your hand with great enthusiasm.
SHAMANS"Shamans!" you mutter to yourself."Shamans!" mutters Ava.
SHAMEYou go all red for shame.Ava tries to hide her face, red with shame.
SHAREYou suggest your companions gather around, ready to split the gold.Ava suggests you come closer to receive your share of gold.
SHEYou point at Target and cry "She did it!"Ava points at Target and cries "She did it!"Ava points at you and cries "She did it!"
SHEEPISHYou hang your head sheepishly.You see Ava shake her head sheepishly.
SHEESHYou give a soft and quiet "Sheesh!"Ava gives a soft and quiet "Sheesh!"
SHITThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
SHIVERYou wrap your arms around you and shiver.Ava begins to shiver.
SHLAYou tell that they love it.. (the Shlaaaas...)Ava gives a quick "You love it, you shlaaa..."
SHOULDERYou offer to shoulder the burden for TargetAva is making a weird motion with her shoulders at TargetAva offers to shoulder the burden for you.
SHRIEKYou shriek like a little sylvan schoolgirl.Ava shrieks in fear.
SHRUGYou shrug your shoulders casually towards Target.Ava shrugs her shoulders at Target.
SHRUG2You shrug your shoulders.Ava shrugs her shoulders.
SHUDDERYou shudder at the thought of it all.Ava shudders at the thought of it all.
SHUFFLEYou shuffle your feet uneasily.Ava shuffles about uneasily.
SHYWhat a pretty rock. Are those ants? Shouldn't these shoes be cleaned again?Blushing ever so lightly Ava's eyes quickly hit the floor hiding from Target.Blushing ever so lightly Ava's eyes quickly hit the floor hiding from you.
SIGHYou let out a deep sigh and look to the heavens for hope.Ava lets out a deep sigh.
SIGNBYEYou sign "Bye!" to Target.Ava uses sign language to Target.Ava signs "Bye!" to you.
SIGNHIYou sign "Hi!" to Target.Ava uses sign language towards Target.Ava signs "Hi!" to you.
SIGNTHANKYou sign “Thank you!” to Target.Ava uses sign language to Target.Ava signs "Thank you!" to you.
SINGYou begin to sing aloud.Ava begins to sing aloud.
SIRThe nerve of this guy!Ava gasps and points at Target, "You, Sir are no gentleman!"Ava gasps and points straight at you, "You, Sir, are no gentleman!"
SITYou sit yourself down.Ava sits down.
SIT2You are now sitting.(nothing)
SKIPYou start to skip around the location.Ava skips gleefully around the location.
SLAPThat's it! You've had it! You charge at Target, arms flailing!Ava rushes at Target, arms flailing angrily!Ava simmers angrily; looks like you're in for a good slapping!
SLAVESYou need to find jewels, slaves and meat for your family.Ava needs to find jewels slaves and meat for her family.
SLIDEYou start to slide about!Ava starts to slide about!
SLIGHTYou give a slight smile.Ava gives a slight smile.
SLURPYou slurp and slobber for all to see.Ava slobbers.
SMARTYou step forward and say "SMART!"Ava steps forward and says "SMART!"
SMILEYou flash a bright smile.Ava smiles.
SMILESYou give a sly smile.Ava gives a sly smile.
SMIRKYou smirk at Target.Ava smirks at Target.Ava smirks at you.
SMIRKSYou can't help but give a quick smirk!Ava gives a quick smirk!
SMOOCHYou give a long sloppy smooch to Target!You see Ava rush over and give a long sloppy smooch to Target!Ava gives you a long sloppy smooch.
SMUGYou give a smug grin.Ava starts to look smug.
SNACKHungry... again?Ava starts rummaging in her pack for a morsel of food. If Ava doesn't find something soon, Ava will starve.
SNAPYou snap your fingers.Ava snaps her fingers.
SNARLYou snarl at Target.Ava snarls at Target.Ava gives a deadly snarl at you.
SNEERYou offer a sneer to Target.Ava sneers at Target.Ava sneers at you.
SNEEZEYou sneeze unexpectedly.Ava sneezes.
SNIFFYou sniff and look for comfort from Target.Ava sniffs and seeks comfort from Target.Ava sniffs and looks to you for comfort.
SNIGGERYou give out a little snigger.Ava gives out a little snigger.
SNOBS"Snobs!" you mutter to yourself."Snobs!!" mutters Ava.
SNOGYou snog Target!Ava snogs Target!Ava snogs you!
SNOREHow late were you here last night?Ava begins to snore softly.
SNORTYou snort like a mad bull.Ava snorts like a mad bull.
SNUGGLEYou snuggle up to Target.Ava snuggles up to Target.Ava snuggles up to you.
SOBYou sob uncontrollably.Ava begins to sob.
SOOScared of them? Ha!Ava remarks, "Oooooh! I'm SOOOOO scared!" and walks away laughing while making strange hand motions.
SORCS"Sorcerers!" you mutter to yourself."Sorcerers!" mutters Ava.
SORRY"I'm sorry, honest!" you offer to Target.Ava offers a BIG sorry to Target.Ava says "I'm sorry, honest!" to you.
SPANKYou run over to Target and SPANK Target for being so naughty!Ava runs over and SPANKS Target for being naughty.Ava SPANKS you for being naughty! BAD! BAD! BAD!
SPHATEYou fling curses at that stinking spider.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted spider! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
SPIDERS"Spiders!" you mutter to yourself."Spiders!" mutters Ava.
SPITYou spit on the floor and rub it into the ground with your foot.Ava spits on the floor and rubs it in with her foot.
SPLUTTERYou splutter and cough.Ava splutters and coughs.
SPRITES"Sprites!" you mutter to yourself."Sprites!" mutters Ava.
SQUYou give Target a squeeze of support.Ava gives Target a little squeeze for support.Ava gives you a little squeeze for support.
SQUEAKYou squeak like a mouse and sniff for cheese.Ava makes like a mouse.. the fool.
SQUEEZEYou squeeze Target.Ava squeezes Target.Ava squeezes you.
STABBEDYou cry out that you have been stabbed!"I've been stabbed!" cries Ava.
STAGGERYou start to stagger about.Ava starts to stagger about.
STAMPYou stamp you foot on the ground.Ava stamps her foot on the ground testily.
STANDAva stands upAva stands up
STAND2You get to your feet and work out a cramp.Ava gets to her feet.
STAREYou can't help it, you start to stare at Target.Ava stares at Target.Ava starts to stare at you.
STILLYou clasp your chest and murmur "Be still my beating heart!""Be still my beating heart!" murmurs Ava.
STONEClenching tightly, you form a stone hard fist.Ava clenches her hand to form a stone hard fist.
STOPThis is where you say "STOP!"Ava announces "This is where I say STOP!"
STOPME"Somebody stop me!" you cry."Somebody stop me!" cries Ava.
STORYYou ask Target, "What's the Story?"Ava asks Target "What's the Story, Morning Glory?" ... weeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll …Ava asks you "What's the Story, Morning Glory?"
STRETCHYou stretch in all directions like a sleepy cat.Ava stretches like a sleepy cat.
STRINGYou sharpen an arrow tip and check your bow string.Ava sharpens an arrow tip and check her bow string.
STROKEYou stroke Target lovingly.Ava strokes Target lovingly.Ava strokes you lovingly.
STRUTYou strut about the place.Ava struts her stuff.
STUNYou stagger helplessly as the room begins to spin!You notice Ava clutching her head in a stunned daze.
STUTTERYou begin to stutter, the fear is too much.Ava begins to stutter under the pressure.
SULKYou crawl into a corner and start to sulk.Ava jumps into a corner and starts to sulk.
SUMMYou summon a page. The page takes your note, you tip the lad a copper to ensure prompt delivery.A page arrives and takes a letter and a coin from Ava.
SWAGGERYou swagger around.Ava swaggers around.
SWATYou try to swat a fly.Ava starts to swat at a fly.
SWAYYou sway with the rhythm.Ava sways with the rhythm.
SWEATYou begin to sweat from the pressure.Ava begins to sweat.
SWEEPAt least YOU know what brooms were invented for! Now let's see if your kisses will bring luck.Whistling a tune and smiling jollily Ava blows a kiss at you, then starts sweeping the ground.
SWINKWith a devious smile, you offer Target a beguiling wink.Ava gives Target the old "come-hither" wink and smile.Ava gives you a ravishing smile, winking enticingly.
SWOONMerciful heavens!Ava puts a hand to her forehead and gracefully faints dead away.
SWOONSYou go all Victorian on yourself.Ava clutches her chest and cries, "Oh! Be still my beating heart!"
TADAYou give a quick "TADA!" and wiggle your jazz hands!"TADA!" cries Ava and gives you jazz hands!
TAPYou tap your foot testily.Ava taps her foot testily.
TEABERRYForgot your card again, did you? You'll show them!Ava casts a shifty glance every which way before tearing the pages straight from the book!
TEARYou let the tears flow.Ava lets the tears flow.
TEETHTime to clean those dentures...Ava takes out her teeth, polishes them, and returns them to her mouth
THANKYou thank Target for all the help.Ava thanks Target for all the help.
THATEYou fling curses at that stinking troll.Ava screams at the top of her lungs, "DIE! DIE you blasted troll! Ye and all yer kin! DIE!!!"
THATGOODYou're the man!Ava confidently states, "I don't need a reason. I'm just that good!"
THEOYou give a long Theo to Target.You see Ava give a Theo to Target.Ava gives you a Theo.
THIEVESThieves! you mutter to yourself."Thieves!" mutters Ava.
THINKYou think quietly to yourself...(nothing)
THINK2You think quietly to yourself...(nothing)
THOUGHTYou open your mouth and words form... no thought!Ava blurts out "Thinking is for the dumb!"
THWAPTarget is asking for it now! You'll show 'em!Ava raises a hand ready to give Target a good THWAP!
TICKLEYou tickle Target mercilessly.Ava tickles Target without mercy.Ava tickles you mercilessly!
TIPYou give Target a few gold pieces.Ava slips Target a few gold.Ava slips you a few gold pieces.
TIPHATYou tip your hat in respect to Target, winking suavely.Ava suavely tips her hat and winks at Target.Ava tips her hat respectfully and winks at you.
TITThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
TITTERYou titter to yourself.Ava begins to titter.
TMIYou didn't really need to know that did you.Ava flings his arms in the air and cries out, "Too much information!"Ava tells you that was too much information and holds her head.
TOASTYou drink to Target.Ava congratulates Target with a small toast.Ava drinks to your good fortune.
TOOCOOLHeeeeeeyyyy wild man!Ava whips on some shades and STILL looks cool.
TOSSERThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
TOUGH"Oh... a tough guy eh... ?" you ask."Oh... a tough guy eh... ?" asks Ava.
TRAITORS"Traitors!" you mutter to yourself."Traitors!" mutters Ava.
TREEHUGGERS"Treehuggers!" you mutter to yourself."Treehuggers!" mutters Ava.
TREMBLEWith great skill, you pull of a superb puppy-dog eyes performance.Ava's eyes grow wide and suddenly her bottom lip is trembling.
TROLLS"Trolls!" you mutter to yourself."Trolls!" mutters Ava.
TRUNDLEYou start to trundle around the room looking for scraps of meat.Ava starts to trundle around the room looking for scraps of meat.
TUGYou tug on Target's sleeve to try and get attention.You see Ava tug on the sleeve of Target.Ava tugs on your sleeve to get your attention.
TUTYou waggle your finger and tut-tut at Target.Ava tut-tuts and waggles her finger at Target.Ava waggles her finger at you and tut-tuts.
TWATThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
TWIDDLEBoooooooooooooring!Ava begins to twiddle her thumbs nonchalantly.
TWINKLESometimes it is so hard to keep a straight face!Slightly twitched lips merely hinting a smile you see Ava's eyes twinkling like stars!
TWINKLE2Sometimes it is so hard to keep a straight face! You can't hide a twinkle in your eyes.Ava's eyes twinkle, hinting a smile at Target.Ava looks at you with a twinkle in her eyes.
TWIRLYou twirl your staff in your hands menacingly.Ava twirls her staff in her hands.
TWITCHEVERYTHING STOP!!!!You see Ava twitch with anger, maybe it's best to leave Ava alone.
USULYou are the master of fate... And the tool of fate.Ava asks Target about the waters of her home."Tell me about the waters of your homeland... " Ava asks you with a blue glow in her eyes.
VENOMYou do your best not to heave up your last meal.Ava breathlessly asks to be healed from the poison within.
VIGLENYou throw some of your godly might at Target.You see Target is filled with light and brushed with the might of Kali.You are filled with light and feel the might of Kali within your soul.
VOMITYou begin to vomit.Ava begins to vomit.
VOTEYou vote for that idea!Ava votes for the idea.
WAFFLEYou start to waffle on and on.Ava starts to waffle on and on.
WAGYou wag your finger at Target.Ava wags her finger at Target.Ava wags her finger at you.
WAGGLEYou waggle your finger at Target.Ava waggles her finger at TargetAva waggles her finger at you.
WAILYou wail like a lost puppy.Ava wails like a lost puppy.
WALKONHANDSYou flip onto your hands and walk about, showing off to everyone.Ava flips onto their hands and walks about showing off to everyone.
WALRUSYou talk of shoes and ships and ceiling wax and cabbages and kings."The time has come!" Ava says, "to talk of many things "
WANKERThe heavens rumble above you.The heavens rumble around Ava.
WARLOCKS"Warlocks!" you mutter to yourself."Warlocks!" mutters Ava.
WARRIORS"Warriors!" you mutter to yourself."Warriors!" mutters Ava.
WASHYou have a quick wash.You see Ava start to have a quick wash.
WAVEYou give a quick wave.Ava gives a quick wave.
WAVE2You give a quick wave.Ava gives a quick wave.
WAVEYYou give a quick wave.Ava gives a quick wave.
WEEYou give out a happy "Weeeeeeeeee!!!"Ava gives out a "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
WELLMETYou give them Trollhater's old "Hail and well met!"Ava gives Target a hearty "Hail and well met!"Ava gives you a hearty "Hail and well met!"
WENCHHeavens! Target must be remarkably chilly in that outfit.Ava glances at her and whistles while rolling her eyesAva advises you to dress more sensibly.
WHAT"What?" you ask Target.Ava asks Target "What?"Ava asks you "What?"
WHEEZEYou begin to wheeze.Ava starts to wheeze.
WHEN"When?" you ask Target.Ava asks Target "When?"Ava asks you "When?"
WHERE2"Where?" you ask Target.Ava asks Target "Where?"Ava asks you "Where?"
WHIMPERYou whimper like a beaten puppy.Ava whimpers like a beaten puppy.
WHINEYou whine like a scared cat.Ava whines like a scared cat.
WHISTLEYou whistle a merry tune to yourself.Ava whistles a merry tune.
WHO2"Who?" you ask Target.Ava asks Target "Who?"Ava asks you "Who?"
WHOOPYou offer a happy WHOOP!Ava whoops for all to see.
WHOOPSYou give out a flustered "Whoops!"Ava issues a flustered "Whoops!"
WHOOPTYYou couldn't really care less."Well whoopty freakin' doo!" yells Ava.
WHY"Why?" you ask Target.Ava asks Target "Why?"Ava asks you "Why?"
WIBBLEYou start to wibble away...Ava stands on a stool with a frog on her lapel and issues a quick "wibble."
WIGGLEYou wiggle your fingers like a pro.Like a pro, you see Ava wiggle her fingers.
WINCEYou wince with the pain.Ava winces with pain.
WINKYou wink knowingly at Target.Ava winks knowingly at Target.Ava winks at you knowingly.
WINKSYou give a quick wink.Ava gives a quick wink.
WIPEYou wipe the blood from your blade.Ava wipes the blood from her blade.
WITCHES"Witches!" you mutter to yourself."Witches!" mutters Ava.
WOBBLEYou do a quick wobble.You see Ava go for a quick wobble.
WOMBLEYou mutter about wombles to all present."You womble." mutters Ava.
WOMENWomen! you mutter to yourself."Women!" mutters Ava.
WONDERWALLYou gain in stature in the eyes of Kali. (log entry made)Ava starts to sing sweetly.
WOOYou give out a "Woo!" of surprise!Ava gives out a "Woo!" of surprise!
WOODYou see sawdust flying about.Sawdust floats on the breeze.
WOOFYou give a doggy woof "Yes!"Ava woofs a big "Yes!" to Target.Ava woofs a "Yes!" to you.
WOOHOOGrinning, you give 'em your best, "Woo Hoo!!"Ava grins and gives a raucous, "Woo Hoo!!"
WORFYou quote a famous barbarian.With a low, rumbling voice Ava exclaims "It is a good day to die, and the day is not yet over!"
WORRYWhy does Target have to worry you so much? Don't they think you got enough to worry about?Glances full of worry rain on Target as Ava is hardly able to conceal her concern.Ever so worried looks shoot at you from Ava. Think you will be able to stand that?
WOWYou let out a big "WOW!"Ava lets out a big "WOW!"
WRESTLEYou grab Target and start to wrestle in a game of tickling.Ava and Target start wrestling on the ground playfully.Ava tackles you to the ground and starts tickling you unrelentlessly.
WSTRETCHYou stretch out your wings and yawn.You see Ava stretch out her wings.
WWIZARDS"Wizards!" you mutter to yourself."Wizards!" mutters Ava.
YAWNYou can hide it no longer and give a yawn.Ava suddenly breaks into a yawn.
YESYou give out a polite "Yes".Ava gives out a polite "Yes".
YICKYou point out that this is "Yickky as heck!"."Uhhhhhnnn, that's Yickky!" burbles Ava.
YOYou give out a quick "Yo!", leap in the air and high five Target!Suddenly Ava leaps in the air, shouts "Yo!" and high fives Target!Ava shouts "Yo!", leaps in the air and high fives you!
YUKYou let slip a quick power word "Yuk!"Ava issues a crafty "Yuk, yuk, yuk... "
ZEDYou give 'em the Zed's dead line.."Zed's dead baby... Zed's dead." mutters Ava pulpishly.
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