Enchanting Items is the process of using two different spells to store charges of a spell in an item for use later. The spells are:

  1. Enchant Item, accessible at Mages' Guild Rank 42. This prepare the item to receive charges of a spell.
  2. A second spell, a "reagent spell", to be stored in the item.

The enchanting process is as follows:

  1. Cast Enchant Item
  2. Target the item with the Enchant Item spell
  3. Cast the reagent spell
  4. Use the ENCHANT <item> command to store a charge of the spell in the item.
  5. Repeat the above two steps as needed.

The amount of charges an item can hold is its base value/10, and the amount of charges a Wizard can imbue depends on the level of their Enchant Item spell. Only one of each of the following items can be in one's posession (backpack/locker/hands/worn) at a time with the exception of the white pearl ring. A wizard may circumvent this by simply MIXing more than one ring (and not dropping them), but they may not pick up any more rings of that type and if they do drop one of them they may not pick up that ring again.

Enchantable Items and Charges

A Wizard may enchant these items with the various Enchant Item spell levels provided at certain guild ranks:

Guild Rank 42

  • Bone Rod (1 charge)
  • Gem Necklace (1 charge)
  • Leather Necklace (1 charge)
  • Simple copper Ring (1 charge)
  • Copper Necklace (2 charges)
  • Golden Bracelet (2 charges)
  • Wood Rod (3 charges)
  • Simple Iron Ring (4 charges)
  • Statue of Healing (3 charges)
  • Iron Necklace (4 charges)
  • Iron Rod (5 charges)
  • Copper Rod (7 charges)
  • Silver Necklace (8 charges)
  • Silver Rod (10 charges)

A gem necklace is a gem or diamond MIXed with an iron necklace. Also, note that rods require Magical Dexterity to successfully activate.

Guild Rank 52

  • Fire Ring (8 charges)
  • Ice Ring (8 charges)
  • Storm Ring (8 charges)
  • Ring of poison resistance (8 charges)
  • Ring of entangle resistance (8 charges)
  • White pearl ring (12 charges)
  • Simple gold ring (16 charges)
  • Aquamarine ring (18 charges)
  • Aquamarine necklace (18 charges)
  • Silver wedding band (20 charges)
  • Agate ring (20 charges)
  • Agate necklace (20 charges)

Guild Rank 62

  • Ruby ring (24 charges)
  • Ruby necklace (24 charges)
  • Emerald ring (24 charges)
  • Emerald necklace (24 charges)
  • Ring of protection (24 charges)

Guild Rank 75

  • Sapphire ring (30 charges)
  • Sapphire necklace (30 charges)

Guild Rank 90

Guild Rank 110

  • Emerald Ring (38 charges)
  • Emerald necklace (38 charges)

Guild Rank 150

  • Diamond ring
  • Diamond necklace
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