Legends of Cosrin uses a level-based system of experience based on percentage points, carried out to two decimal places. When a character reaches 100.00% experience, that character gains a level. Characters gain experience by doing damage to a monster, using the unlock skill, or casting various spells such as heal, antidote, and even teleport. There is a maximum level cap of 300, however no player has achieved that yet within Legends of Cosrin. The currently top ranked player is level 217, and of the top 15 ranked players, there is a range of over 100 levels.

There are four types of levels:

  • Land Level
  • Guild Level
  • City Level
  • Temple Level

Land Level is a normal character level, as with most RPGs. Guild Level symbolizes a character's stature within their particular guild, and is used to control how far they can progress within it. For example, certain skill or spell training cannot be accessed unless you reach a certain guild level. A player can increase their guild level by tithing experience from land experience to guild experience. You may tithe up to 75% of the experience you gain towards your guild.

City Levels and Temple Levels are also controlled by the tithe system, where you can tithe up to 10% of the experience you gain towards each, making a possible 20% total for them combined. City Levels act much like guild levels in that they symbolize the character's stature within the city. It also controls access to certain city areas. As of now, there are only two cities that you may be a citizen of, Moorgate and Stormport, and the city level titles are different for each.

Temple Levels are for members of a particular deity's temple. The main use for these are for roleplaying purposes and symbolize your dedicaton to that deity.

Guild, City, and Temple levels each come with their own titles that display upon examination of a particular character within the game. Unique titles for each level stop at a certain level, 25 for guild, and 10 for city.

For each land level you achieve, you are given build points. The number of build points given is mostly random, but certain factors can increase the chance of you getting more of them when you level up. Build points are used to learn skills and spells. Depending on your class, certain skills cost more build points to learn than others. For example, a Monk only requires 3 build points to learn a level of Martial Arts, but a Fighter may need 4 build points for the same skill.

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