Rumour has it, about the lands there once existed an inquisitive rogue. Lacking in strength, she compensated with wisdom, making it her mission to copy or steal as much information as possible from libraries the lands over to add to her collection.

With such knowledge she gained an immense advantage, learning the secrets surrounding her, effective escape routes, and how best to approach others and all things immortal. Rumour also has it, she may have been resurrected to continue her mission.

Not just one library, but many, are beginning to be unearthed and that knowledge can be discovered here. It is said you can't go wrong with leaving a bottle of bliss behind as thanks for the sharing.

There also appears to be a collection of a sketch books inside[1].

Library sprite

Scrolls and Tomes


Dragons, History of[2]


Moorgate, History of[3]


Undead, Cosrin's: A Comprehensive Study Vol 3.[4]

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