This long forgotten tower has long been whispered and rumored to exist within the guild, but only recently rediscovered!! The secrets still remain closely guarded, but the seal on the door has been broken!!


The speedwalk requires entry into the Guild Catacombs in order to open the way into the Fifth Tower.

,nw[nw][salute the unknown fighter]d[pull bracket]u[se]e[nw][press button][se]n[push lever]sends[press stud]sw[flick switch]e2nuswseu[push knob]dws2w&

Secrets Discovered

Just inside the Fifth Tower door, there is a hidden exit southward, which requires an "Ice Dragon Cloak" to enter. This room holds a quest that gives you a "Fire Dragon Cloak". To acquire this cloak, you must first complete a quest behind a hidden northern exit near the guild tutor, Chay, battle demon supreme (found inside the Central Tower in the Guild). This exit requires the "White Dragon Cloak" given with membership to the Fighters Guild. Inside you will find a quest to receive your "Ice Dragon Cloak". All three cloaks can then be mixed, Fire and Ice Cloaks form a "Small Compact Roll", then mixed with "White Dragon Cloak" to form a "Compact Roll of Cloaks".

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