There is an area hidden underneath the guild that holds a variety of monsters for young guild members to practice their skills on. There are 3 different tests of combat found here, as well as some other unique rooms of interest, within the underground catacombs. Have you relaxed in the Sauna, yet?


The speedwalk to open this area, is as follows:

    ,nw[nw][salute the unknown fighter]d[pull bracket]u[se]e[nw][press button][se]end2s

Secrets Discovered

1) Inside the guild catacombs entrance, head south and then northwest into the pool area. Looking at the odd tile, give it a push. You'll be transported into the Guild Sauna!

2) A secret cavern can be found by opening a hidden door in the guild catacombs. Follow the speedwalk from Guild Recall:

      ,nw[nw][salute the unknown fighter]d[pull bracket]u[se]e[nw][press button][se]n[push lever]seu[pull lever]dnd2s[ne]e
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