Fort Info

The fort is located South, then West within Moorgate and has several low level quests within.

This area is suitable for levels 1-10. Whilst questing in this area be wary of Ogres as they will hit low level players for around 20-70hp however they must advance and have a 3 second unbalanced time. Orcs will fire more frequently using missile attacks.

Fort Quests

Dirty Statue

Where: Found at the furthest west point upon entrance to the fort.

Wants: Bucket of water which is obtained in NE area of Moorgate (offer bucket to a water source such as a trough)

Gives: EXP

Flag Pole

Where: Close to exit of Fort, slightly to the south

Wants: Tattered flag, dropped from mob kills within Fort

Gives: EXP


Where: S, SW area of Dirty statue

Wants: Empty bucket, obtained in NE area of Moorgate (near Monks guild)

Gives: Bucket of Water

Purpose: Used as a quest item for various quests such as Holy Fire or Dirty Statue


Where: Near exit of Fort

Wants: Glowing emerald (obtained from Ghostly Captain)

Gives: Adventurers Necklace

Purpose: Allows player to leave Moorgate

Kill Quests

Orcs can be slain here and claimed to bounty officers

The "Ghostly Captain" is located in the Northern area of the Fort, once slain he drops a glowing emerald which is a quest item used to allow players to leave the city walls.

Hidden Quests

S by SE of the Fort is lever, pull this lever and travel west to obtain the item "red rose"

In this same area is a room that notes a large hole in the ground, offer this room the item "chunk of granite" for a rather large chunk of exp in levels below 15.

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