A guild is an organization within Cosrin that players can join. Each guild is home to a specific set of skills and spells, some which cannot be found in any other guild. Once a guild has been joined, players may not join any other guilds (with the exception of the Adventurers Guild, which is not a true guild).

Guilds are necessary for character advancement as it is nearly impossible to learn skills or spells without joining one. Each guild has an entry quest that must be completed for membership. For the most part, these quests should be doable by level 4 or 5.

Guilds also play an influential role in Cosrin's roleplay. Each guild is led by a guild master who directs the roleplay of the guild, but players are free to improvise and distinguish themselves with unique arcs that complement or contradict their guild's roleplay (as long as they are aware of the IC ramifications).

Players may join one of the guilds listed above in addition to the Adventurers' Guild, a guild that all players join as one of their first quests in the land of Cosrin.

Guilds are very tight knit communities. Players in the same guild can communicate with each other using [[[Communication|guild shouts]]]. Some guilds may even hold guild events, such as guild hunts, guild trivia games, and other activities.

All of the guilds listed above (except for the Monks Guild) have subguilds, which can be thought of as special advancement paths to further specialize a character and refine roleplay.


Guildluck is a game mechanic that provides bonuses to players of a particular guild while said guild has guildluck.

The current guildluck system works as follows:

  • Every ~6 hours, guildluck switches to a random guild.
  • Guilds can influence their chance at receiving luck by spending guild tithe.
    • At this time, only the guild master can do this.
    • Despite this, guildluck can never be guaranteed.
  • A guild cannot receive guildluck twice in a row.

To view which guild currently holds luck, type GUILDLUCK. To see the history of guildluck switches, type GUILDLOG.

When a guild has guildluck, players in said guild will receive bonuses:

  • Extra HP/SP/BP on a level up.
  • Extra experience gain when hunting.
  • Increased damage when hunting.
  • Increased accuracy when hunting.
  • Increased resistances to spells.
  • Increased chance to inflict divine damage.
  • Increased chance to assassinate.
  • Increased chance to re-hide after assassinating.
  • Increased chance to unlock doors and chests.
  • Increased chance to disarm traps.
  • Reduced chance to fizzle when casting spells.

The list of bonuses is missing some details and will be updated as more information comes to light.

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