The Haunted House is a zone of Cosrin that is only made available during Halloween. Created by the Hero Murielle, the maze-like structure may seem unimportant at first, but actually houses one of the best wrist pieces in the game, the Armbandus Bonus.

A player cannot leave the haunted house without a ring if they do not have an Armbandus Bonus

Solving the Puzzle

Within the haunted house, there is a unique item that spawns in each room (e.g. rat's tail). This item can be used to map the rooms of the haunted house. Once the rooms are mapped, a player must lure and kill monsters, which will in turn drop bones that are meant to mixed into a full skeleton.

The items needed are:

  • Calva Calca (skull)
  • Maxilla cnacta (jaw)
  • Costae twistae (ribcage)
  • Coxa elastica (hip)
  • Ruri creaki (leg bones) x 2
  • Pes ricketus (foot) x 2
  • Brachii cracti (arm bones) x 2
  • Manus rattlus (hand) x 2

The end result is a sceletus cacophonous, which is then offered to a quest further in the haunted house.

Armbandus Bonus

Item: armbandus bonus (armband)

Thisus isus unus niftyus armbandus whichus willus weakenus

aroundus yearus XXVIIus. Bloomingus foreignus languagus!

This item is a Bracelet. Invoke via the Wear or Activate commands

Offense modifier POOR Defense Modifier POOR

Fire Resist Mod POOR Cold Resist Mod POOR

Electric Res Mod POOR Poison Res Mod POOR

Entangle Res Mod POOR

Armor Class Modifier GREAT

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