The History of Cosrin

In 1999, the game was released initially for people who had AOL Internet Service Provider. The interface back then was a lot less user friendly than it is today. The original work engine for the game was used in a sister game which turend out to be a trial run because there were so many bugs in it. The original game, using the same game engine as its parent, Legends of Terris, was released around mid 1999 under the name Legends of Cosrin and its original sister game Legends of Terris. Later, it moved from AOL's control to go under lease to Freeloader, a service that offered free games in exchange for user input surveys. This was a period when the game started to get noticed more and more by people due to the volume of advertising it got through freeloader and sadly they werent prepared for the onslaught of bandwidth usage that came from the game. Problems it suffered terribly with were key lag due to the number of people using lure macro's of 25 rooms or more. This caused serious lag and the game used to regularly boot you.

Freeloader would not do anything about bandwidth and so a search for a new buyer was looked for by the designer and programmer Doug Goldner and Paul Barnett of the Online Games Company bought out the rights to both Terris and Cosrin and a latter version released called Wolfenburg, ( may have the name wrong its been a while.)

Post-Freeloader Era

In the year 2000, work on new game client software began and was released. Said work still continues today with software patches. Cosrin changed its name to 'Legends of Cosrin' and was now hosted on Online Games Company's own servers.

With the new game client software came the restriction that you can only connect to the game via the official OGC client. The use of standard telnet MUD clients was mostly prevented, though some players have reverse engineered methods to connect to the game.

Cosrin: A New Dawn

On October 1, 2011, "Cosrin: A New Dawn" was released. This featured various significant engine changes such as expanded locker slots, time based weapon enchantments, a rework of the spell damage calculation, and the re-release of the battlemage class for players.

The release notes information for Cosrin: A New Dawn is available on the Legends of Cosrin forums [1].

Since release, "Cosrin: A New Dawn" has been undergoing regular engine updates. Engine update information is available on the forums [2].

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