Macros are a way of automating one or more commands sent to Legends of Cosrin. Macros may be sent to the game standalone or bound to a key. The primary purposes of macros are to:

  1. Automate sending multiple commands at once in sequence
  2. Insert pauses between commands
  3. Require user input to commands

Macro Syntax

This section discusses Macro Syntax for the official Cosrin Client. Other MUD client syntax may vary.

 A~B	= Send command A to game; wait 0.5 seconds, then place the command B in the
          command input box.
          (example: "eat paste~~~~pack right")

 A;;B	= When sent to the game, the game will execute command A and then command B 
          immediately after.
          (example: "t;;cast fireflames")

 A&B	= Send command A to the game; and then place the command B in the input box.
          (example: "cast magic armor&t ")

 A ? B	= Place the string "A ? B" in the input box, where the input cursor 
          is put in the place of the "?".
          (example: "tell ? Nice day isn't it!")

 A @ B	= Open an input dialog box where the user types a string and clicks OK. 
          The text entered is placed in the command "A @ B" in place of the "@" and 
          sent to the game.
          (example: "tell @ Nice day isn't it!")

Additional Example Macros

t @;;cast heal

activate guildring&~~withdraw 200;;buy 1&

cast light shards&~~t @;;cast ogre strength&~~t @;;cast eagle eye&

p right;;p left;;hold paste of vitality;;eat paste&

The Spam Filter

Since the Freeloader era, no more than six commands can be joined together by ";;", or else the spam filter will be invoked. Commands exceeding the 8 commands per macro threshold will not be executed by the game engine; instead the engine will return the text "Spam filtered...". This was an attempt at limiting the number of commands that the game has to execute per time.

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