Monk Tailoring refers to the ability for members of the Monks' Guild to make colored clothing using pigments available at a guild shop.

Clothing Recipes

  • Start by going to a clothing shop which sells these items (Stormport):
1)             sewing needle  455( 500)    2) strong thread  273( 300)
3)             shirt pattern  455( 500)    4) skirt pattern  455( 500)
5)           trouser pattern  455( 500)    6) embroidery floss  455( 500)
7)            bolt of cotton  910(1000)

needle + thread = threaded needle

needle + floss = embroidery needle

embroidery needle + bolt of cotton = bolt of embroidered cotton

search, go nw, examine shears, go nw again, get shears. (if awareness is low, may have to examine shears several times)

shears + bolt of embroidered cotton = piece of embroidered cotton

piece of embroidered cotton + pattern = embroidered clothing pattern

embroidered clothing pattern + threaded needle = clothing

clothing + dye = dyed embroidered clothing

  • Alternate method -- for black clothing only

shears + bolt of cotton = rough piece of cotton

rough piece of cotton + pattern = cotton clothing pattern

cotton clothing pattern + threaded needle = plain cotton clothing

plain cotton clothing + dye = colored cotton clothing

  • The recipes are the same if you want silk clothing. Instead of cotton; buy gift 2 at the wedding shop.

shears + bolt of fine silk = rough piece of fine silk

rough piece of fine silk + threaded needle = plain silken sash

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