Mysticism +1 quest

Items needed:
1.cup of tea, tea from arcana
2.abacus, abacus from cats2
3.spinning top, from Eye Demons in cats2
4.flask of oil from Eye Demons in cats2


1.Tea for freezing wanderer. Gives half a coin.
2.Abacus "break it" gives wire and beads. Destroy beads. 
3.Wire goes to shed. Shed gives broken snow shoes. 
4.Spinning top to boy with a sled, gives sled.
5.Sled to farmer with heavy bags, Farmer gives cat gut. mix for other half of coin.
6.Snow shoes to snow drift for the half coin. Mix coins.
7.With the full coin now, go to the strange machine of ice, offer for ice chain.
8.Take oil, offer to teeny weeny ice cube. 
9.Offer Ice cube to ice statue, gives ice gem. mix gem with chain. gives a necklace.
10.Offer necklace to ice idol of kali in the pass for +1 myst
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