Rogues Guild map

A map of the Rogue's Guild in Moorgate

The Moorgate Rogue's Guild is the home to the lands "outcasts". It's a veritable melting pot and the gathering place for all those who don't quite fit into the "mold" of a Fighter, or a Mage, or even a Monk.

It's a place where the unaccepted can find acceptance.

Not much is known about how they operate behind the closed doors of their guild, for they are a tight knit group of once "lost souls", who've finally found a place they can call "home" and they keep their secrets closely guarded...



One of the many things the Rogues' Guild is known for, is utilizing the rooftops for quick and easy access to key locations around the city of Moorgate.

They are often used to escape the guardsmen of the city, if they have deemed the Rogue an Outlaw, or so they say at least..

This is a letter ceased by the Town Guard, from a person suspected of operating closely with the Rogues' Guild, and delivered to the Captain of the Watch.


"All members of the Guild will be expected to wear their Guildrings when accessing the rooftops, lest they want to be ejected from the rooftops. For heavens sake people wear the rings so that you can be identified as a member of the Guild, and not a possible infiltrator from the Town Guard!"


One known access point to the rooftops is by the entrance to the guild. Once at the "Nameless Rogue", whom guards the doors leading into the guild, provided you are in fact a member of the Rogues' Guild AND wearing a Guildring, use of the "Scale Wall" command will allow you access to the rooftops!


There is one known Subguild of the Rogues Guild. They simply call themselves "The Outfit".

This group of rogues have a their fingers in every "piece of pie" in the city. Everything from gambling to imports/exports and even some shadier enterprises.

In general an outfitter is a materialistic rogue, keen to display the finer things that his wealth has gained him.

In combat members of "The Outfit" learn many fighting skills to accompany weapons such as their meat cleaver and brass knuckles, to mention a few. Called Shot, Warcraft and Stunning Blow are all part of this rogue's arsenal. Members of "The Outfit" are also known to be very proficient with bows and other missile type weapons.

Many outfitters can be seen riding mounts they have acquired from other guilds, however, those who have mastered the way with animals can be seen caring for a dire wolf, a steed as loyal as any.

There are rumors that float around the Guild, and Moorgate, of another band of rogues that dwell within "The Shadows" of the lands, but nothing more is known of this reclusive group.


These are all available skills within the Rogues' Guild.

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Skill Availaible at Guild Level 1 8 10 19 25 32 42 52 62 75 90 110 130 150
One Handed WeaponsReasonableAdequateAccomplishedPre-eminentAwesomeAwesomeUltimateSuperhumanMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
Two Handed WeaponsAwesomeAwesomeUltimateSuperhumanMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
Missile WeaponsAdequateAccomplishedPre-eminentAwesomeAwesomeUltimateSuperhumanMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
DodgingReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhumanMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
ToughnessApprenticeBeginnerNoviceReasonableAdequateAccomplishedProficientFirst RateOutstandingPre-eminentSupreme
Spell ResistanceApprenticeBeginnerNoviceReasonableAdequateAccomplishedProficientFirst RateOutstandingPre-eminentSupreme
ResilienceApprenticeBeginnerNoviceReasonableAdequateAccomplishedProficientFirst RateOutstandingPre-eminentSupreme
Magical DexterityReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhuman
Cabalistic AbilityReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhuman
AwarenessReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhumanLegendaryUltranixPanthorix Rex
Pick LocksAdequateProficientOutstandingSupremeUltimateMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
Remove TrapsAdequateProficientOutstandingSupremeUltimateMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
Pick PocketsAdequateProficientOutstandingSupremeUltimateMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
BarterReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhumanMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
LoreReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
JewelerReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhumanMaximataLegendaryPost LegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
StealthBeginnerNoviceReasonableAdequateAccomplishedProficientFirst RateOutstandingPre-eminentSupremeAwesomeUltimateSuperhuman
Called ShotAccomplishedProficientOutstandingSupremeAwesomeUltimateSuperhumanMaximata
Stunning BlowAdequateFirst RatePre-eminentSupremeAwesomeSuperhumanLegendaryUltranixPanthorix Rex
Physical TrainingAccomplishedAwesomeLegendaryUltranixUber UltranixPanthorix Rex
Multiple AttacksAccomplishedProficientOutstandingSupremeUltimateMaximata
AssassinationApprenticeBeginnerNoviceAdequateAccomplishedProficientFirst RatePre-eminentSupremeAwesome
HerbalismBeginnerNoviceReasonableAccomplishedProficientFirst RateOutstandingPre-eminentSupremeAwesome
PoisoningBeginnerNoviceReasonableAdequateAccomplishedFirst RateOutstandingPre-eminentSupremeAwesomeUltimateSuperhumanMaximataLegendary
Piercing Weapon ExpertiseBeginnerReasonableAccomplishedFirst RatePre-eminentAwesomeSuperhuman

Guild Quests

All quests with yellow text in the rooms, the items can be bought in shops

 1.Jadrele, Guardian of Youth
 Wants A Healing Scroll from Stormport

 2.Orkhan, Guild Servant
 Wants a mop
 3.Highwayman Tom
 Wants crusader Helm from armour shops
 4.Always Movin' Maccabee
 Wants Silver necklace

Up Past Book

 5.Mad Martyr, the Enforcer
 6.Eridian, the Prince of Moo
 Wants A Kite Shield---Done
 7.Shadow Shiftin' Shal
 "The birds have eaten all my seeds, Unknown
 8.Jaymze Kahn
 bring me one small snifter, Unknown
 9.Kirtz, the Dark Mercenary 
 Wants Grapes from Kegvale
 10.Statue of McCabe the Elder
 "Kill a lich and you shall be rewarded!"
 11.Kaiser Solze
 Wants White tea
 12.Booch Kass'adeh
 Wants: Ornate tapestry Wedding gift 12
 13.Frea Asaburd 
 "Bring me a perfect shape to prove your willingness and ability to assist your guild."
 14.Roberto H'Oskeins
 Wants #11 Wedding gift
 15.Viralar, the Scholarly Rogue
 Wants Chalk

A shrouded room in the Rogues Guild

 16.Statue of Roth the Elder
 "Kill a fire dragon
 17.Statue of Malkovitch the Elder
 "Kill a star sorcerer 
 18.Statue of Subotai the Elder
 "Kill a hydra
 19.Statue of Buscemi the Elder
 "Kill the cyclops
 20.Statue of Barzini the Elder
 "Kill the dragon that lives in the Lowly Downs
 21.Webster the Scribe
 Wants: Kill a Guard
 22.Shalita, Shunner of Shadows
 Wants: Sunflower hat Found in the wedding shop search around

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