Runes are wrist-slot pieces of equipment which typically enhance one player stat. Runes are made using various arcana items which are dropped by mobs around cosrin or available for purchase in the Mages' Guild shop between guild rank 10 and 27.

Arcana is required to create runes. When a rune is mixed with an empty rune ring, it creates a rune ring.

Rune List

Web Rune: Entangle Resistance

Spider Web + Ground Lead = Sticky Putty + Silver Flakes = Web rune

Heart Rune: Defense

Troll's Heart + Sparkling Iron = Blood Putty + Gold Grains = heart rune armband

Sword Rune: Offense

Dragons Teeth + Sparkling Iron = Iron Putty + Silver Flakes = sword rune armband

Magic Rune: All-around resist

Bat Wing + Gold Grains = Glowing Putty + Ground Lead = magic rune

Ice Rune: Ice Resist

Eye of Newt + Bronze Bar = Cold Putty + Sparkling Iron = ice rune

Snake Rune: Poison Resist

Cat's Breath + Silver Flakes = Stinging Putty + Sparkling Iron = snake rune

Fire Rune: Fire resist

Cat's Breath + Bronze Bar = Hot Putty + Bronze Bar = fire rune

Zap Rune: Electric Resist

Mandrake Root + Sparkling Iron = Sparkling Putty + Gold Grains = zap rune

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