Inside The Guild

 Jadrele, Guardian of Youth
 Search -- Area located underneath
 Honest Hal
 Type "Behold the guild of old"
 Honest Hal
 Move West... Guild Master's room
 Honest Hal
 Move East... Guild Officers room
 Honest Hal
 Search -- Area hidden underneath
 Move Down, North
 Search -- Area Hidden North
 In a dark passage of the old sewer
 Move North,North west,North east
 Search -- Hidden area North "Will take you to Stormport Guild Area

On a small strip of sand near Stormport

 1)Type "Climb up east cliff"--Will take you back to Old Sewer
 2)Type "Climb up north cliff"--heads to stormport

In a cramped warehouse in the Rogues Quarter

 1)Search -- to go back down to "On a small strip of sand near Stormport"
 2)North -- to go to Stormport 
 Type "Wink at Fennik"
 Type "Step into crate" -- Takes you back to 1) Search

In a cavernous warehouse

 1)Squeeze through space--Takes you to the Stormport Guild
 2)SE,SE,SW,Scale Wall-- takes you to black market

Squeezed through space area

 Move west will take you back to Finnik the Gnome

Behind a dusty pile of crates in a warehouse

 South east door -- Worthy to Outfit members only
 Search -- Hidden area underneath
 Follow the path and you will head back to Moorgate Via "Smugglers' Run"

Halfway along "Smugglers' Run"

 Type Listen -- There is a password to enter "We haven't found it yet"
 Secret = Knock five times on the green door " Gives access to the secret area now search"

 With smooth, imperceptible movements, you lean just close enough
 to make out the words of the whisperers.
 "Yeah, that McMana... he prides himself on being above reproach,
 but he'd be ruined if anyone knew about his back-room bizniz..."
 "Hush, you fool!" the other voice intercedes. "Next thing you know,
 you'll be telling the world about the password!"
 Drunken sniggering ensues. "Yeah, like anyone'll figure out..."
 This can be found by typing ex Whispers at The smugglers inn on barnacle close in stormport.

North of this room before using the secret

 Move North
 Hold a Diamond in right hand and offer/ex hawkers

Back inside Main Guild

Jadrele, Guardian of Youth

 Move South
 Pull Book -- Will take you to Guild Lockers

In a room with a length of rope in the Rogues Guild

 Pull Rope -- Will take you deeper inside the guild

Silena, The Keeper of Secrets

 Buy jeweled dagger
 Break Dagger
 Type "may I have a private lesson?" -- next room go down to meet your Death by Sicaria the Poison Spider

Silena's Assistant

 ex ladder "Multiple times"

Finally you manage to approach the rope-ladder to have a closer look and find out where it leads. Just as you start putting your nose up to see beyond all the cobwebs, someone suddenly whispers into your ear from the shadows.

"Fancy breaking into the vault, eh? Fancy stealing some of the guild's most secret treasures, eh?... "Come back when you killed that beast and made use of her corpse. Tell me what part you used, and I might let you climb up."

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