Shirintai Forest is a medium level dungeon near Lake Shirintai. You must complete a gauntlet quest and various puzzles before you can gain access to the Forest area.

Area Details


Deeper within the Forest - Rooms with Deeper in the title spawn Dark Elf monsters, which are considered to give the best XP within the forest.

Regular Forest - Rooms without deeper in the title spawn regular mobs, considered by many to be trash mobs in comparison to the XP offered in the deeper rooms.

Mob List

Gigantic Storm Fly - Slows

Large Mosquito - Poisons, hits incredibly fast

Monstrous Weevil - Large amount of HP

Dark elf

Dark elf scout

Dark elf guardian

Dark elf champion

Massive Dragonfly

Huge muckworm

Trilobite Beetle

Slither leech

Notable Features

Entry Quests

Getting into the Lodge

        • You'll want to have the following items before adventuring to the Forest****

Crystal Spring Water - Can be purchased In a potion shop from A furious James Whitbread
Buy 5 crystal spring water
From recall
,[crystal spring water]5w[nw]3n[nw]2w[sw][buy 5]&

Emerald Key - Mix small emerald and gemstone key setting
small emerald - Dropped from mobs.
gemstone key setting - Can be purchased In a shop from Bad tempered jeweler or any other jeweler
Buy 21 gemstone key setting 490
,[gemstone key setting]5w[nw]3n[nw]s&

Room Emote - You get the impression that such dedicated playing must be thirsty work.
Watching as the young lady weaves her talent over the stringed instrument she
so effortlessly plays, you find yourself almost captivated. For some reason
you feel she could tell you more about the area, if only you could get her
attention - but how does one interrupt such beautiful music?
Perhaps it would ease the blow if you brought some refreshment to her.
As you move in a little closer to the young lady, she glances over at you.
With the instrument still lodged beneath her chin, she continues playing with a
slight smile, before glancing down at a small leather bag beside her. A note
pokes out of one pocket, a few distinct words just about possible to read;
'....thrice, then twice you must knock, if forgotten is your key, but--'
Unfortunately, the rest is covered up. You leave behind the glass of water,
assured that the subtly helpful woman will appreciate the refreshment.

ROOM DESCRIPTION - includes the line A large series of boulders is here, what an excellent lake-diving opportunity!
You take a good run up and dive right in!

ROOM DESCRIPTION - includes the line If only you could hold your breath for long enough..
You take in a deep breath before dipping your head under the water and
kicking your feet, swimming down at a good pace. Making your way down, down
and yet further down, the rocks start to creep up on you. Up close, they are
even more remarkable, sparkling beautifully on the bottom of the lake. Each of
them glistens in a different light, sparkling with the colours of the rainbow.
The rocks sparkle red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet..
The yellow rocks seems a little out of place, though. You decide you should
return to the surface; today is not a good day to drown!

You breathe in and swim down to the bottom of the lake, set in the idea that
moving those yellow rocks into their correct place in such an arrangement of
colour will in the least make you feel better. Kicking your hardest to get to
the bottom of the lake with enough time to move the rocks and swim back, you
quickly start trying to shift the yellow rocks into place. Just as you decide
that this might require a few trips up and down, the sparkling from the rocks
intensifies. The yellow rocks hurtle up towards the surface and a stream of
bubbles rushes up, engulfing you!

A natural cavern beneath Lake Shirintai
There is a sign here
The sign reads:
Be specific, be prepared; explore the lake and pass.

The rocks gleam in absolutely every colour you could imagine, giving off
a remarkable glow.The surface of the water shimmers from where you stand,
and lends the water rather an inviting hue. Upon closer inspection, you notice
the strange pattern of an arch in the eastern wall, with another just like it
taking pride of place on the south wall.

You place your emerald key into the indentation in the eastern wall. It fits
into the gap perfectly. With a slow, deliberate nature a trickle of white light
flows around the key, spreading to the edges of the arch. As the key vanishes,
the light opens up a new way, revealing a passage beyond the once solid wall.

The blue flowers come in all different sizes, the larger ones having had
plenty of time to grow into healthy plants. Some of the leaves on the larger
plants have a dash of red staining the leaves, giving them an exotic
appearance. You could probably pick a flower if the mood struck you, it could
make a wonderful gift to someone. The flowers on the larger plants seem to be
the prettiest of the bunch, larger and with fully opened blossoms.

Reaching out and selecting one of the smaller sized blossoms, you try to
detach it from the plant. Strangely, there seems to be a lot more to this
flower than first meets the eye, with a stringy vine stretching out from the
bottom. You pull and pull, before eventually it stops giving way. Another firm
yank on the long vine of a flower, and something almost mechanical clicks
beneath you. Just as you begin to wonder what happened, the floor gives way
and you hurtle down through a now opened trap door!

Amidst the stifling blackness the pair of torches seem so very far away.
They do, however, cast a dim light around the cavern that would otherwise leave
you as blind as a bat. The cavern seems huge, but just how far it stretches out
is left to the imagination, the only end you can see over by those torches.
The floor to your east seems blacker and more forboding, though there seems to
be a lighter column through the centre. Suddenly it dawns on you that the black
flooring is not flooring at all; a massive pitfall with a thin, rickety bridge
crossing it is your only passage over to the far side of the cave. Take your
time when edging onto the bridge, one can never be too careful..

You boldly step out onto the bridge, moving across quite quickly.
Your bravery pays off and the bridge stays steady with your momentum.
Before you know it, you are standing on the other side of the cavern.

Following the words you saw on the note of the musician, you knock on the door
three times, then twice more. An echo fills the room, though it seems a little
mismatched; four knocks, then one? Surely a safety measure to stop anyone
listening in from guessing the secret knock by dropping some eaves.
The door swings open and you step inside, wondering what awaits you.

Walking over to the table you take a closer look at the stack of papers,
which seem to be rather complicated forms asking for details and all manner of
strange information - age, race, favourite colour, most looked at star, which
direction the foot of your bed faces during the second day of Weeping Skies..
You knock one of the papers off as you start to laugh at how absurd they are.
Quick, pick it up before someone sees!

OFFER (you get the key)
You hand over your now signed paperwork to Estwick with a tentative
refrain, expecting another eccentric outburst. He gives a rather loud
'That's the one! Signed and all, is it? Let me see here.. Aha! You
even spelled your name correctly and everything. Jolly wonderfully
smashing good! Excellent! Yes, that's the way. Now, key, key..'

After all that, Estwick seems to have misplaced the keys. Whilst he
is rooting around in his pockets, a familiar young woman slips one
into your hand with a wink, before heading back outside.

You decide to leave Estwick to his searching and make a break for it.

Getting into the Forest

To get into the forest go SE and turn lodge key to open the door and then go inside the building to the north. Inside the building there is a room where you can search to find a down exit to the A dark, swirling passage. This is a gauntlet event, need two people each going in one direction. There are 3 rooms, in each a creature must be killed and then you must use a command at the other room to open the other side's exit.

The commands are:

  • push cog
  • pull lever
  • turn wheel quickly

Each side uses them at a different order.

Once you've cleared all 3 rooms you just need to offer and you get the boundary mark which allows going into the forest. Do this by going all the way east from after you've turned the key, and doing proceed.

Creatures to the southeast:

Covered from head to toe in clothes of a darker variety, the stalker
holds two short swords, ready to do battle with any that come to her.
This creature poses absolutely no challenge
Shirintai Stalker is wounded (24971 hits left) 
The Shirintai Stalker is far too clever to be ambushed from the shadows.




Hunting Technique


To get to Shirintai Forest from the entrance to Misty Vales:

  • ,[Shirintai?]3ss[se]e[ne]3nn2[nw]n[nw]n[ne]n[ne]e[ne]3nn[nw]n[nw]n[ne]2n[nw]3ww[nw][ne]2n2[ne]3n[nw]n2[nw]e[se]2e[ne][follow the path][se][turn lodge key][se][ne]2ee&


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