Shout levels are the type of voice appearing when you shout or guild shout.

For instaince: "A quiet male voice shouts"

It can be seen by looking at stats.

The levels are:

0-9 An incredibly timid

10-19 A timid

20-29 A quiet

30-39 A normal

40-49 A loud

50-59 A very loud

60-69 A surprisingly loud

70-79 An incredibly loud

80-89 A rumbling

90-99 A very loud rumbling

100-109 A booming (You can see everyone's name when they shout)

110-119 A loud booming

120-129 A resonating

130-139 An incredibly loud resonating

140-149 An almost deafening

150-159 A deafening

160-169 An almost mind shattering

170-179 A mind shattering

180-189 An incredibly loud mind shattering

190-199 An omnipresent commanding

200+ Bellows Forth (Everyone can see your name when you shout)

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