The Dungeon of the Slave Lords is a lower-level hunting area located 5s5wsd from Moorgate recall. The entrance portal has a maximum level of 20. This is a a standard hunting area for new players and presents a wide range of challenges. Only the most skilled combatants will hunt here until level 15 without dying once (or more).

Area Details

A basic map of the Dungeon of the Slave Lords in Moorgate.


  • None.

Mob List

  • Weakest slaver guard
  • Weak slaver guard
  • Slaver guard
  • Slaver trapper
  • Slaver netter
  • Slaver guard "Blade bane"
  • Slaver guard "Mage bane"

Notable Features


  • The dungeon contains an abundance of easy mobs that give generally low experience, as well as Mage Banes and Netters, both of which can give substantial experience.


Hunting Technique

  • Slaver netters have a ranged attack that occurs every 4 seconds and holds for 4 seconds without resilience. They give significant experience at lower levels.
  • Slaver trappers will also stun for 4 seconds with a 4 second attack speed, but they do not have a ranged attack.
  • Mage banes resist magical attacks, and should be avoided by casters, though they give significant experience. They also hit very hard, so exercise caution when trying to take one down.
  • Blade banes are nearly impossible to kill with non-magical attacks, though they are not very strong.
  • Spellcasting classes should make liberal use of the Ensnare spell (or its higher level equivalents) when confronting Slaver netters, as even low levels of the spell will web them for up to 20 seconds.


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