Slaying the Downs Dragon

In order to defeat the Downs Dragon you will first need to access it's lair. You will need a short stick to do this. This is a common item dropped in many areas.

Once you have a short stick, you will need to go to Ashwood Forest to poke a statue in the eye.

The quickest way to the statue is to enter Ashwood Forest from the second entrance coming from the north on the Western Causeway.

At a junction along the Western Causeway

A shadow filled bank of fog lies here limiting your vision to a mere few feet. You can see that to the South fog actually appears to get thicker but does seem to lighten up a bit as you look Northeast. A faint dirt path leads off to the East, possibly into the woods. Obvious Exits: East NorthWest SouthWest

From here go e;;e;;e;;se;;se;;e to

On a forest trail in Ashwood Forest

A pigeon-covered statue stands here. The trees rustle overhead, and from time to time, you hear a creaking sound as large branches push together. Obvious Exits: South East West

Holding your short stick, use the command FLICK SWITCH.

You flick the switch and hear a low rumbling far off in the distance. You have opened a magical way in another part of the land ! You should get down from the statue and head off to find what's opened, if at first you can not find the new way, don't get down. This is what adventure is all about.

This has unlocked the Downs Dragon lair for a short time. Now head back to the Lowly Downs.


As this Dragon does not like short sticks, be sure to destroy it before you go north and face the Dragon!

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