"The Outfit" is a VERY Gangster/Mafia minded Subguild of the Rogues' Guild.

It goes well with the role play of a Con artists/Swindler Gold digger type.


To Join "The Outfit" Subguild first you need to kill a Town Guard. "We will work on this, seems kind of unfair to thieves to kill"

Once you have accomplished this task you must then find Webster in the Guild. (He resides in the "kill quest" area of the guild)

Once you have done this you need to find the entrance to "The Outfit" Subguild, which has 2 Main areas, In the Harbour Master's Office for skills mostly and Stormpot Guild area for Armour, Mounts and Weapons.

Outfit Guild Speedwalk (used from Moorgate Town Center):

  • ,11s[e][ne]10[search]n2e&

Note: The above speedwalk can be put into one alias (config->aliases) provided you check the "Run As Macro" box under the "Alias Name" field.

From here

Offer the recommendation you receive from Webster to "examine door" Its.....A Capo to join the Subguild!

In the Harbour Master's Office

Level 25

 Inside this area you will find
 Joey Joe Joe "Teaching skills"
 Rocky "Da Moose""Teaching skills"
 Osmond has a shop here which will sell items 
 wicked meat cleaver    
 black layered vest
 brass knuckles    
 vial of anti-venom
 tatty grey beard    
 spiked bracer

Level 32

 To access this area "Bribe Osmond"
 Inside this area you will find
 Pardo will sell items and teach skills 
 scarlet smoking jacket    
 satin opera coat 
 slashed doublet     
 fine pleated slacks 
 flowing velvet cape
 punch dagger
 Juleaha "Knuckles" Chylde will teach skills

Level 42

 Gotvach, the Chef has a shop here which will teach skills
 Sly Macfly has a shop here which will sell items
 gloves of gloom    
 boots of ebon night

 everdark greaves    
 etched twilight armband 

 shroud of shadows    

 veil of the night sky 

 mantle of midnight    
 void of preservation

Level 62

 Brilhar Shade has a shop here which will teach skills

Level 75

 Khalan has a shop here which will teach skills

Level 90

 Ryllek the Fence has a shop here which will  buy items, teach skills 

Level 110

 Skritchit the Odds-fixer has a shop here which will teach skills

Level 120

 Parsival d'Riguer has a shop here which will teach skills
 Dejewel, Amasser of Wealth is offering a quest
 Bowls of pure gold and diamonds shimmer and shine on the desk,
 making it hard to see Dejewel's face. She holds up a hand laden
 with the finest jewelry to silence you.
 "Don't bother me with your offering of trinkets. As you see,
 I have plenty. Bring me a treasure I do not have. Make it
 something pure, and make it something worthy of a rogue. Only
 the best will do." Offering Unknown

Level 130

 Ophair d'Bordar has a shop here which will teach skills

Level 150


Inside the Stormport Guild

 -- Now I will lead you to the Outfits prized possession the Adjustable Metal Key I call it the skeleton key--
 In Cosrin you will find doors that just wont unlock unless you use this key

--Squeeze through space-- in the Rogue quarter --Shadowy figure has a shop here which will sell items

 Unlock the door SE
 Move: SE,S,S,S,NE,Unlock NE,NE,S

--Ixhmae, Outfit Guardian has a shop here which will sell items--

 Buy Neat leather box
 Break Box = Your neat leather box breaks a parts into a intricate device
 Keep the box
 Move: NW,SW,S,SE,Unlock E,E
 Type: get one more key
 Type: get basic key
 Mix the basic key and intricate device to form an adjustable metal key
 Use the key on the west door following below instruction....
 Offer the Box

Adjustable Metal key

 --How to use it-- Short macro/speedwalk to operate it
 ,[break key][activate device][swap][mix][turn key]

Further in the Outfit sub

 --Walk around until you find a room with the below ( Its located way south/south west)--
 Before a sudden drop in the platform
 Type: Climb down

Inside the Wolf's Den

 Unlock North with Key
 The Dire Wolf mount is there 
 In Order to tame the wolf you must hold a Wolf clasp "Check main guild page how to make it"
 While the wolf attacks you
 Type: Use clasp

Standing before a huge mirrored doorway

 Silent Rogue has a shop here which will sell items
 The area is tricky so runaround search here and there until you find Silent Rogue
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