Dark caverns map

A map of the Dark Caverns, Troll Caves. This map is not comprehensive

Found on the eastern side of Darkwell Forest.

Entangle resistance is recommended.

Designed for fighter-types, as many rooms will nullify readied spells.

Be careful of the Troll Shamaness:

Troll shamaness shoots its staff at Beal and hits for light damage You are hit for 70 damage. Your armour absorbs 27 (277 left).

Beal is stunned for 10 seconds!

Followed by:

Beal is hit with a Web spell cast by Troll shamaness! Beal is covered in sticky webs for 5 seconds!

Followed by:

You have been killed! You are now a GHOST!

Speedwalk from East Gate:,ee[ne]eeeeeeee[ne]ee[ne][ne][se]e[se]ee[ne][ne][ne][ne][ne]ee[ne][ne]n[ne][ne]n[nw]n[ne][nw]nn[ne]nn[nw][sw]wwwwws[sw]w

At level 83, the Troll Caves will no longer provide significant experience.

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