Tymore hills

A place ravaged by Lizardmen who worship the eldar false god Valtera whom was slain by Zoran!

Level range & class

60-75 all classes


Moorgate>Cottley Mounds>Tymore Hills

Cottley Mounds (from Moorgate Center)

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Tymore Hills (from Cottley Mounds)

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High swarm area, monsters will follow into retreating room quickly, lots of poison from most mobs that stack quickly, crocs stun and Disfigured lizard men are the toughest mobs.

  • N.B Duration of stuns, enchanted damage and status effects will vary depending on a character's level of skills, type "defense" to see your stun resistance. 30% stun resistance will result in 5 sec stuns

Regarding elemental damage, monsters in the area appear to be weakest to lightning.

Monster Description HP Effects Difficulty (based on being lvl 60) Notes
Disfigured lizard man This huge lizard man is over nine feet in height. Its body is covered all in scars and burns but they all seem self inflicted! 1245 Poisons on auto attacks This creature is about your equal 2nd most xp mob in area.
Blood Loather There is little to see except for a slight 'bending' in the air from where you feel the malice of this 'thing' as it attacks you. 913 Deals enchanted cold damage This creature poses absolutely no challenge Blood loather is far too clever to be ambushed from the shadow
Hideous monstrosity This 'things' form twists and turns as if it is constantly deciding on a new form to hold! 320 Deals enchanted electricity damage You are definitely superior to this creature None
Blood speckled croc Blood covers the grinning jaws of this massive beast as it charges you with amazing speed! 380 Stuns 5-10 seconds This creature poses absolutely no challenge None
Two-headed viper Slithering, scaled and venomous. Blue diamonds line this black and grey viper. It measures about seven meters and has TWO heads! 770 Poisons on auto attacks This creature poses absolutely no challenge None
Shadow of the hills A dark, hovering manifestation of evil that haunts the hills and valleys of Tymore Hills 552 Deals enchanted cold damage You are somewhat superior to this creature Best xp mob (.1 to .10 xp more than Disfigured)
Tattooed lizard man This huge lizard man is over seven feet in height, its body covered all in tattoos, all depictions of battles it has been in! 980 Poisons on auto attacks You are vastly superior to this creature Tattooed lizard man None


Quest Description Wants Gives Notes Map location
Frustrated man You see a man run across the street, over and over again, his head bent down as if searching for something, a bouquet of roses in his hands. When you are near enough you see he has a very frustrated look on his face. "How could I lose this? How could I!" quaint ring bouquet of roses None 1
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