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Sub area of Storm Mount Tower. Valtera's lab is located within the prison, past the Lizard man Gaoler. There is a portal with a minimum level requirement of 120.

In a recent update, the monster spawns in Valtera's Lab have changed. All monsters now spawn in all rooms.

Monsters with a UT of 1.5 spawn other creatures in the room more quickly. It may be advisable to attack these first.


Lizard man guard
2.5 Sec UT

Lizard man scholar
Casts Mute and Gigawatt Death
2.5 Sec UT

Lizard man researcher
2.5 Sec UT

Lizard man scientist
2.5 Sec UT

Spike-tailed agama

Razor-toothed skink
2.5 Sec UT

Rabid whiptail

Winged anole
1.5 Sec UT

Side-blotched clubtail
2.5 Sec UT

Spine-armed slave

Eight-footed Basilisk
3.5 Sec UT
Can be held for up to 10 seconds

Half-stitched elf

Malformed Lizard
2.5 Sec UT

Lab rat
.5 Sec UT
Recently Removed from Area

Rejected Specimen

One-armed torso
2.5 Sec UT

Three-winged Dragon

Yellow-banded snake

Jawless Human
2.5 Sec UT

Crimson-throated Serpent
2.5 Sec UT

Orange Python
1.5 Sec UT



Electric Whip
Slashing One Handed Weapon
Magic Level 2
1-6+1 damage

Iron Battle Axe (non-droppable)
Slashing One Handed Weapon
Requires 16 strength
Magic Level 1
1-7+1 damage

Modified Crossbow
Piercing Missile Weapon
Magic Level 1
1-6+3 damage

Wand of Lightning (non-droppable)
Contains unlimited Gigawatt Death