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Sub area of Storm Mount Tower. Level 75+ area within Tymore, connects to the level 120+ zone Valtera's Laboratory. It is a very small area which consists of about 7 or 8 rooms. Each room consists of 3-5 fast hitting enemies that spawn upon entrance, no random spawns. Once you reach the gaoler at the northernmost room, you will get teleported back to the start of the area unless you fulfill certain requirements. Keep lots of pastes, experience is fast but healing is needed frequently.

To enter, you must have either an iron broad sword or iron long sword found on the lizard men which randomly spawn within Tymore. To use them, you must hold one in your right hand and "insert" them.


insert iron broad sword
insert iron long sword

The full item name must be used.


Use this speedwalk from Reechman Dibbler's Causeway Connection to go directly to the doorway.

,[VALTERA'S PRISON]n2e[ne][se][se]7e[se]2e3[ne]n[nw]w[sw][nw]w2[sw]
  • The following speedwalk includes packing your current weapon, holding the sword needed to enter the prison (provided you have one in your pack), using the insert command for both swords (so if you have one and not the other it's covered in one speedwalk), as well as getting out your weapon again.
  • ,[VALTERA'S PRISON]n2e[ne][se][se]7e[se]2e3[ne]n[nw]w[sw][nw]w2[sw][p right][hold iron long sword][insert iron long sword][hold iron broad sword][insert iron broad sword][wield mithril-braced short bow]&

NOTE: The ONLY change you will have to make with the above speedwalk is changing the weapon to your weapon of choice.

Lizard Man Gaoler

Upon initially entering the prison, there will be a room 6N of the entrance that teleports the player back to the entrance room of the prison. This is the Lizard Man Gaoler's lair and can only be accessed after completing the quest 5N 1E of the entrance. The quest item required for this quest is incense and can be found 4N 1W of the entrance via an examine in the room.

The lizard man gaoler drops a quest item required to enter Valtera's Lab and he also hits very hard, so be prepared!