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About Weapon Enchantments

Weapon enchantments are special effects that are applied to a player's weapon. When a monster is hit with the weapon, various special effects can occur based on the enchantment.

Weapon Enchantment Duration

Weapon enchantments have two modes of duration:

  • Time-duration mode: When a weapon is initially enchanted, the weapon is enchanted permanently for a certain duration based on the skill/spell level of the caster.
  • Charge-duration mode: When time-duration mode runs out, the player will see a message stating that the enchantment's effect is wearing off or losing strength. The weapon enters charge-duration mode where the enchantment will now disappear after all its charges are used up. You can examine a weapon to determine how many charges are left.
    • When a person logs off, their weapon enchantments automatically go into charge-duration mode.

You cannot re-enchant a weapon until its enchantment is fully discharged.

Types of Weapon Enchantments

Battlemage Weapon Enchantments

Battlemages can learn all Sorcerer, Shaman, and Wizard weapon enchantments, listed below.

Shaman Weapon Enchantments

Sorcerer Weapon Enchantments

Wizard Weapon Enchantments

Monk Weapon Enchantments

Rogue Weapon Enchantments

Fighter Weapon Enchantments

  • Balance Weapon