Cosrin Wiki
  • NB it is believed there are more weapons to be found than we have listed below

1st Weapon

 Jadrele, Guardian of Youth has a shop here
 Nasty Black Dagger

2nd Weapons

 Jaymze Kahn has a shop here
 1)Dirk of stabbing = One handed weapon
 2)Strange tube = Missile Weapon

3de Weapon

 Silena, The Keeper of Secrets has a shop here
 1)Jewelled dagger

4th Weapon

 Break Jeweled dagger---Gives
 Throwing knife

5th Weapon

 Sicaria drops a web and Poison bladder
 Hand in Poison bladder to Visok "In sub guild"
 Gives Handles

"Ah, I do hope the Master gave you more than its life. Either way, I am satisfied."

Visok presses two garrote handles into your hand. "Now, combine your mind with your might."

 Mix Web with Face paint ( You will loose your face paint forever) So unless you have the small black pouch don't do this.
 Gives invisible wire
 Mix wire with handles
 Gives Two-handed throttler

Item: two-handed throttler (throttler)
The twin obsidian handles do not appear to be
connected - the wire between them is invisible.
This item is a Unknown Weapon Type Two Handed Weapon. Invoke via the Wield or Wave commands
The weapon has an offense add rating of REASONABLE and hits for
1-11+1 damage.
This item is a level 6 magic item
Offense modifier AVERAGE Defense Modifier REASONABLE
Fire Resist Mod REASONABLE Cold Resist Mod REASONABLE
Electric Res Mod REASONABLE Poison Res Mod REASONABLE
Armor Class Modifier VIRTUALLY AMAZING

6th Weapon

 Glvl 175 Portal around Customs and Excise Office
 1)Chained Dagger = One handed weapon
 2)Stringless Balistic bow = Misile weapon

Special Items

 ==Black Leather pouch==
 If you managed to loose your face paint or would like to sell smoke bombs cause they make you think of Ninjas then do this.
 Go to the area that you upgrade your shield "Check the shield section"
 --Buffering Assistant has a shop here--
 Buy Cylindrical device & Soft black pouch
 Break cylindrical device
 It gives you a paper
 Now read the paper
 Its a recipe
 --The Recipe--
 The scroll says...
 Mix first the coal, then the dye of the elves.
 Ignite with a ring, only magical fire will do.
 1) Lump of Coal = ex gravel in the graveyard in Moorgate you should find it by Depressed young girl offering a quest.
 2) Elvish dye = bought at the black market "See secrets"
 3) Fire ring = bought On Autumn Walk in Moorgate by a magical shop
 4) Soft black pouch
 --Black leather pouch--
 So to get smoke bombs you need paper which is annoying to run and get so if you travel to Glvl 135 Webbing Assistant in the shield upgrading area
 Buy Vial of liquid paper
 Mix with Black leather pouch
 Gives permanent immediate smoke bombs and hides you etc