This can be found within Orc Town.
Need to help a ghost out first so head to the lighthouse and kill a Bandit Leader

Next go to a house NE of recall in Stormport and use a crowbar to lift the floorboards. This will get you into the basement where a ghost will ask you to kill the leader of the bandits that robbed and killed him.
Offer to complete the quest.
He thanks you and tells you of a secret place within orc town where if you take a small stone and "knock on the stone" to gain access to a secret room. Within this room is a wooden lever and this will help you gain access to Darkblade Dungeon level 2, The mines and other area's.

Since Orc town is pain in the arse to wander around in here is a short cut.

Use sludge of oil to Squeeze through hole and from the room you start in,


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